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Hi My name is Katie .I'm 16 and I live in Florida. I'm also anIce skater.I love reading!

Books: There are far to many to namehoweversome are Harry Potter(duh), Lord of the Rings, Eragon and Eldest(which is so far a great series), and so many more!

Sports: ICE SKATING, lacrosse, football, baseball, but mainly skating and lacrosse

I haven'tposted any stories yet, I was writing one but it's not finished and I don't know if i will everpost it. We will see. Email me if you want or IM at love2iceskate2. Oh and read Harry potter and the year of surprises it's a good fic(I am in it) that and Higher forces, and also Bohemian Vanity! They are all in my favorites along many more.


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