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I decided to put up a profile since I don't have anything better to do. I love reading books, in fact I own about 2-3 hundred. I mostly spend my time on tumblr, twitter, reading ff here, or checking out videos on YouTube.

I ship...

JaSam ( from General Hospital) Chlark (from Smallville)

Olicity ( from Arrow) Biospecialist (from Agents of Shield)

Addek (from Grey's Anatomy) Eric/Sookie (from True Blood & Southern Vampire Mysteries)

Spuffy (from BtVS) Brucas (from One Tree Hill)

Shalimar/Brennan (from Mutant X) Delena (from Vampire Diaries)

Cangel (from Angel) Phole (from Charmed)

Troypay (from High School Musical) Danny/Mary (from Las Vegas)

Anne Boleyn/Henry VIII (from The Other Boleyn/The Tudors) Scrouge (from X-Men)

Inyuyasha /Kagome (from Inyuyasha) Peter/Claire (from Heroes)

Tommy/Kim (from Power Rangers) and many many many more.

Everything you see below is some of my favorite fics I've read on here.

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