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I was born in 1937 - a long time before Twitter, or the internet, or the personal computer. I survived despite this handicap.

I never expected to become an author - my spelling was awful, my knowledge of formal grammar was nonexistent, and most important - I had no stories to tell. Okay, I could write well since I was young, even if I couldn't explain what I was doing. Indeed, I coauthored "Condensed Computer Encyclopedia" published in 1967 by McGraw-Hill and very well received, but that was technical writing, not authorship.

Then one morning I received "Keiichi's Magic Trick" in a single, unmistakable flash of inspiration. It wouldn't let go of me until I had written it down - so I wrote it. It was awful! So I revised it, and it was merely bad. Then I had another inspiration, and I changed the point of view and added a preface and an epilog, and suddenly if was pretty good (I thought). So I published it. By now I was hooked. I wanted to do a sequel, but didn't know where to begin. To my surprise, the characters of KMT invited me to live with them while they lived the story that became "Megumi no Megami." That was a very pleasurable experience, and I've been hooked ever since.

I've written some original fiction, but I haven't had the nerve to get it published (yet).

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