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I'm a pure fanfic reader. Can't write one at all... But I love reading them.

Favorite fic themes:

- Time-travel fics:

-Naruto(especially Naruto going back to his parents era),Yu-gi-oh,Hikaru no go,Harry potter(Harry goes to his parents era),KHR(I Love 10th gen and 1st gen together)Bleach.

- SI-OC fics:

-Naruto(Especially born in Minato's era),KHR,Yu-gi-oh,One Piece,Bleach

- Dimension travel fics/Cross overs:

-KHR(Especially with Decimo/Badass Tsuna),Naruto,Harry potter,Bleach

-Crossovers with awesome Master of Death!Harry or powerful!Harry

-Gen/family/friendships fics (as in no pairing/s for the protagonist,but I don't mind background/sub characters canon pairing subplot)

-Fic where someone(such as Naruto himself, SIOC,crossover character from other fandom like Harry from Harry potter) saves Naruto's parents but still seals Kurama the kyuubi inside Naruto so that they could still be partners in future.

Fic themes/Pairings I dislike

-HAREM FICS!!!(I can stand reverse harems if it's very well written but one guyxlotsgirls is no, just no!)..(The only one I like/don't mind is TsunaxHis All Guardians)

-Character Bashing and "Betrayal" fics (I don't like bashing of character that are nice and loyal to protagonist in canon(like Hermione and weasley family), unless the plot is very good.) but I don't mind if they're truly jerks even in canon such as Sasuke and Sawada Iemitsu

-neglect fics(Especially Minato&Kushina in Naruto and James&Lily in Harry fics,They're like amazing parents...I cannot even understand how can someone paint their personality like that... )


-Voldy/Tom x Harry

Favourite Pairings/OTP

-Minato x Kushina ( Naruto as family) I love this little family so so damn much.

-Steve x Bucky (If smut then Steve as Top)

-Ed x Winry

-Yuugi x Atem/Yami (If it has smut then with Yugi as top/seme)

-Shinichi x Ran

Platonic partnership/Friendship/Life Partners

-Naruto & Kurama(They're just simply badass and awesome)

-Tsuna & Giotto (As father/son or Decimo/Primo just very close but not lovers relationship)

-Hikaru & Sai (Why did Sai leave!! He and Hikaru are supposed to be best partners!!)

-The Golden Trio

Guilty pleasure (these are not my otp's or anything but I still enjoy them)

-Top/Seme!Naruto x Kakashi (preferably the younger Kakashi)

-Top/Seme!Naruto x Minato(uhg,normally I can't stand my OTP pairing with anybody else but yeah.. this is my only sin and I'm highly disturbed but yes, as long as Naruto is the seme then I don't mind this pairing)

-Top/Seme!Harry x Sirius(preferably the younger Sirius)

-Top/Seme!Harry x Crossover pairing (hmm...I don't know why but I just like to read Top!Harry x Crossover such as rhaegar targaryen/Steve Rogers/Bucky Barnes/Well just anybody really)

-Top/Seme!Tsunayoshi x Giotto(I still prefer these two as close platonic relationship more, But I don't mind reading if Tsuna is the Seme)

-Top/Seme!Tsunayoshi x Hayato or Reborn Or Takeshi

Also I kinda wish someone could write Twins-SI-Insert.

My favorite shikai release: "Darkness falls and the heavens weep. Blood moon rises and the skies torn asunder. Step foward Zangetsu!!" by:Cywscross

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