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I don't know why you waste your time to look at my profile, but I'm glad for it.

Thank you.

Well, I'd like to end this like that but it would be like 'You have really WASTED your time.'

So... I decided to put something in here.

1) “What is something I've tried, but will never do again?”

answer: Slitting my wrist. I swear it was an accident and I almost fainted. *curses*

2) “What quirky habit do I have?”

answer:Starring blankly at any corner.

3) “What is one thing I wish I could undo from my past?”

answer: Killing the first version of me. Well, she's so weird xD

4) “What is my biggest fear?”

answer: Needles. Yes. I hate them.

5) “Would I rather have: love or money?

answer: It may sound gay but I choose love.

6) “What is my favorite childhood memory?”

answer: Having unlimited time of sleep.

7) “What is my most embarrassing moment?”

answer: Every time someone reviews I sucked at writing. (which is true.)

8) “What would I change about myself?”

answer: I wish I'll have more willpower and determination... and not LAZY.

9) “Who has influenced me most in my life?”

answer: Anime/manga Characters. (Music= singers/bands)

10) “What is something I used to do as a child that I wish I could still do?”

answer: Spending my time carelessly.

11) “What is my ultimate goal in life?”

answer: To love and to be loved. (You know sunshine family? Naruto and Hinata with Boruto and Himawari? I'd like to have something like that...)

Well, to sum it up...

I'm just one of those empty people who feels emotions through fantasy. If you have question, don't be afraid to pm me. I don't bite. xDD and also, I am not gay. I'm just a happy person.


To all the readers who read my stories, I am sorry for wrong grammars and miss typed words.

First of all, English is not my first language. I'm an Asian. xD

Second, when I updated my stories... I had just typed them. So yeah. The results are miss typed words.

But hey, don't laugh at people who speak/write broken English... It just means they know two language. In my case.. I know three xDD.

BTW, I really like REVIEWS. :D

Before you leave this profile, let me ask you something...

Rate me as a writer from 1/10. :))

1=poorest and 10=poor. xDD

You may leave suggestions and you can tell me if you like my writing/ideas or if you hate it. It'll help me improve...

hahaha. Ciao~ Jaa ne. Bye bye. Umikat akon, wen? Kita-kits. :3

~Grim Peasant.

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