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my name is North, (yes, like the direction, and yes I had it first, not west)

I'm a guy, who likes Harry Potter fanfiction, especially about soul bonds, and stories like "mahou-mo-ken" by "Enterprise1701-d". it's not finished, if I remember correctly but still , it's something I look forward to seeing in world building, and just below is a link to it if you want to check it out...(I'm not affiliated with the author in any way, I just like a few stories by them)

OH, for anyone wondering, I'm NOT a writer by trade, and will probably NEVER write a book, also, if you think I use "..." too much, it's not because I'm an idiot, but more because of habit...(just saying)

if you read my followed or favorited books pages, you'll see that I try to only favorite finished stories, but if I favorite a story that's not finished it's generally because I think it has promise even if it is ultimately an abandoned story, and one or two if not more of the greatest stories I've ever read in the Harry Potter fanfiction genre are actually either unfinished or more than likely completely abandoned, but all the same I feel that they're writing in most cases and grammar in most cases as well as just overall feel in most cases grant them a well-earned spot in books that I love very very much, and you may notice that I also follow a lot of books that I have favorited just in case they are continued or ever get a rewrite...

I have tried to keep my standards of what I like high, but there are likely a few that I've read that cover topics that some people might find offensive, such as rape or incest, or even what some might call pedophilic behavior (depending on your personal definitions) as well as a bunch of the stories I have read, generally have underage sex, which isn't actually an issue for me as I honestly don't care if Harry is 10/11 or 17 when he first has sex, because he's a fictional (AKA NOT REAL!) character in an imaginary world...

there's a few one-shots that were ok enough to get favorited, as well as short stories, but as there's generally little to no 'long term" plot, the bar of acceptance is generally much lower, so some that I found interesting that were nothing but 1 big spelling or grammar mistake might have made it in

as I've said, my favorite trope is soul bonds, (but maybe that's just because, as of 2023 I'm a 35 year old virgin, and if I'm not getting any, at least Harry should) and as such I'm basically, an expert on soul bonds, as they are generally portrayed, in whole and in part, in Harry Potter fanfiction. some stories don't require physical contact to stabilize the bond, but considering that around 99% DO require it, those that don't mention it, I tend to not consider them to be soul bond stories, without background information explaining why that integral part was omitted, or a story element that makes sense to account for it... once you have the stable bond, then there's the options of, sharing of sight, hearing, feelings, as well as mental communication, that some combination of, is added to the story, alongside teleportation to each other...

aside from everything I've said here, "I" can't tell you what "YOU" like, so you're going to have to use your own judgement as to whether a story, even one I think is good, is good or not... if you read a story I've favorited, and you don't like it, then please, don't yell at the author, just stop reading it, and move on to the next story you might like, and don't go off on the author half cocked, please, because well, if your criticism is not constructive, then the author feels like they're being attacked, and no one deserves that...

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