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Not much to say... twenty-five year old ex-uni student, currently an arguably competent Ecologist. I write- and wrote- a fair bit of original fiction but haven't yet gotten any published, despite finishing some not too long ago. Just before my exams in first year I found myself mildly addicted to HP fanfiction, unfortunately, and once I passed thought I'd give it a shot myself. I don't have any particular tastes, other than liking to read good stories. I do tend to suffer massive bouts of writer's block, so my update schedule will be irregular to say the least, but I won't abandon stories without telling people.

Emerald and Argent

My first fanfiction. Ah...even I'm not sure where this mash of ideas came from, but I like it. Pretty much all there is to say, actually.

Foxes Fate

This one, oddly enough, came from reading an 'evil Hermione' story and then twisting the concept from there, adding in time travel, making Hermione good, blah blah blah. Strangely enough this gets more reviews proportionally than the far more popular Emerald and Argent. Odd, that.

Empress Ascendant

Ah, my shining star. My wonderful work. My...incredibly dodgy action thing. Whatever. The most active of my works, and the longest, it allows me to inflict my tendency towards bad puns and worse jokes on people without the trouble of going through an editor. Ain't fanfiction just a wonderful thing?

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