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I'm just an Irish American who enjoys writing RWBY fanfiction. Any questions just send me a PM and I'll try to answer them the best I can. The main ship on this page will be Ladybug. Other ships you want to see go ahead and send me a message with them.

For my Editor's page Click Here

If you want my Gamertag, PSN Name, Friend code, Skype or what have you just ask. I'm generally a nice guy, slightly insane but who needs sanity now days.

If you want to submit a oneshot challenge for me to write send me a private message, I will use one by the Wednesday, conditions are simple.

1) I will only ship Blake with Ruby so no White Rose or Bumbleby and what have you.

2) You can send multiple options and challenges in but if I cant think of a way to write it I may just never do it and i will apologise to you as soon as I get it.

3) The subject to the message has to be 'Challenge Story'

4) No theme is of the table from a filthy lemon to senseless fluff and everything in between.

5) If I write your challenge I expect you to review the story letting me know if I accomplished your challenged or failed it.

6) I like writing but the two stories that are getting updated during the week take priority so if it goes up a few days or even a week late if I say to you I'll do it just be patenit.

I have a tumblr now, so you guys have another place to look for me. if you want to find me there just search my name it is the exact same as here pretty barren right now but feel free to ask me questions there if i seem to ignore you here. but if i do ignore you on both then shit went down some where.

I also have a Twitch... remove the fanfiction part of the url. Gonna try and live stream once a month. Right now it is a Pokemon Emerald Randomizer.

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