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5Huey Duck Oneshots » It's Huey week on tumblr! I'm putting all the oneshots I write for it in here- a new one each day (hopefully) until it ends. Please read the bolded part of each chapter! Have fun! :)
DuckTales, K+, English, Adventure & Family, chapters: 3, words: 3k+, favs: 8, follows: 12, updated: 3/5 published: 9/2/2018, Huey Duck
5You Inspired Me » Brenda liked her life the way it was. She had a good family and awesome friends, and was doing great in school. She was perfectly happy. Until she saw a certain T.V. host while at a friends house.
Smallfoot, K+, English, Friendship & Adventure, chapters: 3, words: 7k+, favs: 3, follows: 2, updated: 7/30/2019 published: 1/12/2019, Percy, Brenda, OC
2 Fairy Tale Short Stories I have a few fairy tale like stories i'm writing, and I want to organize them somewhere i can read them easily. If you're reading this, hope you enjoy it as much as i do! (I may or may not add other stories, so it is marked as complete)
Fairy Tales, K+, English, Fantasy, words: 1k+, favs: 2, follows: 1, 7/2/2019
4 A Trollburg Valentines Day Hilda's first valentine's day in Trollburg is certainly different then before, but she wouldn't want to have it any other way.
Hilda, K, English, Humor & Friendship, words: 1k+, favs: 2, follows: 1, 2/14/2019, Hilda, Frida, David, Alfur
12 dragons and demigods » what would happen if a few demigods went to the land of pyrrhia?
Percy Jackson and the Olympians & Wings of Fire, Tui T. Sutherland, K+, English, chapters: 2, words: 536, favs: 13, follows: 16, updated: 1/14/2019 published: 5/1/2015, Annabeth C., Percy J., Clay, Glory
3 Bear Cubs and Injured Feet Migo remembers the bear that he and percy disturbed when they first met, and decides they should apologize to her. the cubs being up is a completely unrelated bonus. Unfortunately, with no way to communicate this to Percy, this leaves him in for quite the surprise...
Smallfoot, K+, English, Humor & Friendship, words: 4k+, favs: 12, follows: 6, 1/10/2019, Migo, Percy, Brenda, OC
9 An Explosion of Emotions Percy invites Migo and Meechee to join Him and Brenda for New year's eve, but trouble strikes when the annual fireworks scare Migo and Meechee into running away. Percy and Brenda have to track them down in the city and get them calmed down. However, Migo and Meechee aren't the only ones that have to face some explosions tonight...
Smallfoot, K+, English, Friendship & Romance, words: 2k+, favs: 5, follows: 1, 1/1/2019, [Migo, Meechee] [Percy, Brenda]
9Sleepy Kitten Cat owners, you know the feeling when you need to get up and do something, but you can't because your cat is sleeping on you? Well, Migo is about to have the experience.
Smallfoot, K+, English, Friendship & Humor, words: 1k+, favs: 19, follows: 13, 12/31/2018, Migo, Percy, Meechee, Brenda
4 Miscommunications and a Bathrobe Migo comes by to see Percy, who is not in the least prepared for company. He probably should have taught Migo about the importance of clothing for people... It would save him quite a bit of humiliation.
Smallfoot, K+, English, Humor & Friendship, words: 1k+, favs: 9, follows: 7, 12/30/2018, Migo, Percy, Brenda
3A Learning Experience After seeing a smallfoot scratching the stomach of her cat, Migo wonders if percy will enjoy it as well and unknowingly subjects his friend to a well-known form of torture among smallfoots. However, Migo isn't the only one who subjects Percy to this sort of torture...
Smallfoot, K+, English, Humor & Friendship, words: 1k+, favs: 9, follows: 7, 12/30/2018, Migo, Percy, Brenda
Nightwing and Joe Hardy Oneshots » an ATAC agent and a superhero have combined forces to bring you this hilarious collection of oneshots. Prepare yourself for the complete randomness of two friends and their inside jokes. Enjoy! Rated T for mild swearing.
Nightwing & Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew, T, English, Adventure & Humor, chapters: 6, words: 10k+, favs: 1, follows: 3, updated: 12/14/2018 published: 2/12/2017, Dick G./Nightwing, Joe H.
2 A Tyme Series Story Ella and Prince Dash have news to share with Ella's godfathers, Serge and Jasper. Something that will change all of their lives forever (This is way less ominous than it sounds).
Misc. Books, K+, English, Romance & Friendship, words: 1k+, favs: 2, 11/21/2018
5 Gyro The Sandwich Guy Gearloose Fenton decides that Gyro has spent too much time in the lab, and takes him out for a coffee break. Gyro is not thrilled when he sees where they're going, and not just because he wanted to stay in his lab. What happened between Gyro and the coffee place for him to make Fenton order the coffee from them?
DuckTales, K+, English, Humor & Friendship, words: 1k+, favs: 13, follows: 7, 8/25/2018, Gyro Gearloose, Fenton Crackshell/Gizmoduck
11 Dad Gyro Gyro finds Fenton fast asleep in his office, and decides to do something about it. I explain this in the story.
DuckTales, K+, English, Family & Friendship, words: 2k+, favs: 30, follows: 12, 8/2/2018, Gyro Gearloose, Fenton Crackshell/Gizmoduck
7 Appreciation Louie didn't tell his brothers the truth about Gavin, because he knew they would be upset. But what happens if they find out on their own, with a little help from Webby?
DuckTales, K+, English, Family & Friendship, words: 1k+, favs: 30, follows: 8, 7/24/2018, Webby Vanderquack, Huey Duck, Dewey Duck, Louie Duck
1 Frost in London Jack Frost is in London, bringing snowy weather, when he sees something most unusual. Or at least unusual as you can get when you're a winter spirit and a guardian. I'd say the story is better than the description, but I guess that's up to you to decide!
Great Mouse Detective & Rise of the Guardians, K+, English, Adventure & Friendship, words: 2k+, favs: 3, follows: 2, 3/28/2018, Olivia F., Jack Frost
5 Singing in the Shower A lot of people sing in the shower, right? Miguel is no different, though he has to be careful not to get caught when he does. Everything goes well, until one unlucky day…
Coco, K+, English, Humor & Drama, words: 743, favs: 27, follows: 12, 12/14/2017
1 Milo in Wonderland Alice in wonderland? no, this is Milo in wonderland! Milo falls down a hole to a world full of madness and insanity! not that different then his own, really. but this one has some very odd (But strangely familiar) people...
Alice in Wonderland & Milo Murphy's Law, K+, English, Adventure & Romance, words: 827, favs: 4, follows: 3, 8/7/2017, [Milo M., Amanda L., Melissa C.] Sara M.
4 Robin at DC superhero high Batman decides it's time Robin goes to school, and Alfred found a school for superheroes that Batman decides would be perfect. At the school, Robin makes some new friends and sees some familiar faces… this is with dc superhero girls so when it says kara and barbara, it doesn't mean the one from batman
DC Super Hero Girls & Batman the Animated Series, K+, English, Adventure & Humor, words: 1k+, favs: 17, follows: 11, 7/13/2017, Bruce W., Dick G., Barbara G./Batgirl, Kara K./Supergirl
6 Tangled: Holly and Poppy's story » Holly and Poppy are twin daughters of Rapunzel. Holly will soon take her mother's place as queen of the kingdom. For now, she is happy to just be with Poppy. But someone breaks into the castle, stealing one of the twins. Separated at birth, will the girls ever be united? With the help of newfound friends, they set off on separate adventures to find something they know is missing.
Tangled & Ever After High, K+, English, Family & Adventure, chapters: 3, words: 8k+, favs: 5, follows: 6, updated: 7/6/2017 published: 3/10/2017, [Holly O’Hair, OC] [Poppy O’Hair, Sparrow Hood]
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