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dspendragon125 PM
Joined Apr '15

Name: N/a

Age: I'm not telling

Likes: anime ,guns ,swords, tea, Warhammer 40k, Cyber-punk, and those candies that just appear out of no where on my desk. Also I LIKE CATS!!

Most Favorite pairing: naruhina,

Least Favorite pairing: hinata anything but naruto

I am autistic, well it's "Aspergers or high-functioning autism". I might write stuff once in a while, but If don't write at all well tis because ether I died, lost interest or its a lack motivation and arthritis, depression. Ok it is probably because my severe lack motivation or depression

(Not lying, my life is a box of anxiety, depression and O.C.D . I can't even do stuff or play games some days because I can't even muster willpower to do stuff.)

Do to life related reasons, I won't be writing anymore.

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