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Luna Lionfish
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I completely broke down yesterday. I can't handle it.

My parents don't trust me anymore. Really, no one trusts me anymore. And they are right. All of them. No one should trust me. Including everyone on the Internet I met for the past year.

I'm not going to tell you any stories. If you really want to know, search for the clues. I bet it's leaked somewhere because I'm such a fool. So I'm leaving. Without a trace. I'm eventually deleting my FanFiction, my DeviantArt, my Scratch, my email, everything. Who knows? I'm considering deleting my life.

I'm sorry if you're reading this. I'm sorry that there wasn't another way. I'm sorry that I wasn't that perfect little girl you wanted me to be.

I'm sorry. I'm not. I'm terrible. I lie, cheat, and swindle.

It's funny in some sort of way. Maybe it's just my teenage hormones kicking in, telling me it's time to give up on everything I love because they're all going to disappear anyways.

Hopefully I don't return. If I do, well... it will probably be under some other creative name. As for right now, let's pretend Luna Lionfish never happened. I'll miss you guys. Maybe someday, from a few months to a few years from now, when things get better, when I regain confidence and pride, I'll be back.

Believe me, I love you all.

Until then,


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