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(*sighs* I have too much stuff on my here...)

Welcome to my profile! I have another account on Deviantart as well as Archiveofourown. It's the same name as this one (RevlisCharm).

Animes I've watched/other fandoms I'm in:

-Death Note

-Seven Deadly Sins


-Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu

-Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler)

-Sword Art Online

-Corpse Party

-My Little Monster

-Mirai Nikki (My Future Diary)

-Devil is a Part-Timer

-Ao no Exorcist (Blue Exorcist)

-Tokyo Ghoul

-Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan)

-Steven Universe



-Fairy Tail



-Higurashi (When They Cry)



-Criminal Minds

-Blood C

-Madoka Magica

List only 10 characters from any series: Ninjago Masters of Spinjitzu.

(1) Kai

(2) Ronin

(3) Cole

(4) Zane

(5) Pixal

(6) Lloyd

(7) Nya

(8) Jay

(9) Morro

(10) Sensei Garmadon

Q: 1 walked in on you while you were showering. What is your reaction?


Q: 7 cooked you dinner.

That’s so sweet of you Nya!

Q: 4 and 5 are having an argument. Why is this?

I...have no idea. Circuitry issues? Or just regular couple problems?

Q: 6 Is extremely pissed off about something, why is this? And what will you do?

Someone stole from his secret candy stash and now we must all suffer his wrath because of it! RUN!!

Q: You are about to do something that will make you feel very embarrassed. Will 9 comfort you?

Morro: Geez, quit being such a baby. You’ll be fine.

Me: No I won’t!

Morro: And that’s my problem how, exactly?

Q: You're lying on the beach peacefully, and then you turn your head to see 1, 2, and 9, by the water wearing speedos.

(o_o) Um...I’m gonna...go bury my head in the sand now...

Q: 8 confessed to be a part of your family.

I swear, I have two siblings that annoy me enough as is...

Q: 6 kidnapped you, why is this?


Q: 7 is having relationship problems, 4 tries to help him/her out but their advice isn't helpful. Your thoughts about this predicament?

Zane is such a sweetie for trying to give Nya advice. And Nya, you’re absolutely great no matter who you’re with!

Q: 5 gave you a teddy bear.

I’m blushing.

Q: 9 and 1 accidentally get hooked up on a dating website and are forced to go on a date together.

Oh my. *grabs popcorn* This will be interesting...

Q: 8 gets angry and starts cussing at 6 very loudly. 7 is watching it all and is interested...but why is this?

Jay is furious that Lloyd beat his high score yet again. And Nya’s absolutely craving some entertainment.

Q: It's storming outside and 4 allowed you to stay with him at his place until it blows over. And your reaction to this kind gesture is?

Me: *blushing* Thank you...

Zane: No problem. It would be improper to leave a lady like yourself outside in such conditions.

Me: *passes out immediately*

Zane: ?

Q: 5 wakes you up in the middle of the night.

I was in the middle of a dream involving yaoi and a certain nindroid, so this better be damn important.

Q: You and 10 go out for a picnic. Everything is peaceful until 2 crashes it by showing up and inviting you to go hang out at a cafe. Would you go with 2 or stay with 10?

Whatever I’m doing with Garmadon better be fucking platonic, because there’s no way I trust Ronin enough to hang with him.

Q: 1 suspects you are Kira.

Me? Kira? Ha! That’s such a silly thing for you to say, Kai. Haha...yeah...silly...by the way, could I have your full name please?

Q: You and 9 get trapped in an elevator together. What happens?

I just stay as far away from Morro as I can, because I know for a fact he gets pretty irritated when inconvenienced.

Q: 4 writes you a love song, plays it for you, then kisses you on the cheek.

Me: *passes out again*

Zane: ??

Q: If 1 and 4 had a multi-dimensional war for you, who would you choose?

ZANE. ZANE ZANE ZANE ZANE. Z-A-N-E. That angelic robot just wrote me a song, how could I not?! AND KAI, I HAVEN’T FORGOTTEN YOU PEEPING ON ME IN THE SHOWER.

Q: 7 decides to let you and 9 be roommates.

Nya, I admit that Morro is one of my favorite characters, but I most certainly dO NOT FEEL SAFE SHARING A ROOM WITH THAT GHOST.

Q: Number 5 and 10 are getting married.


Q: Number 1 asks you to be married to him/her while 2 is trying to be more than friends, and 9 and 10 want you to marry 2.

Morro and Garmy, why must you wish such a fate upon me?! I’m not even sure you’ve MET Ronin, Garmadon! ...at least Kai will make a fine as hell husband.

Q: 4 tells 8 that 9 loves 7 and you love 3.

What has come over you my sweet, sweet droid?! Morro is about to die a second/third time now, and I prefer shipping Cole with you!

Q: 2 gives you carrot cake for a lifetime.

Ronin, I appreciate the gesture, but I’m still confused as to what in the hell you want with me.

Q: 3 gives you a panda bear for Christmas.

Wait, a real one? I can barely take care of myself, Cole, how am I supposed to be responsible for the life of another being?!

Q: 1 proposes to you on your birthday.

Kai: *waiting for an answer*

Me: ...well, it’s not like anyone else would want to marry me.

Q: 7 and 10 become BFFs.

I can clearly envision them meditating peacefully together and being badass parenting figures to the ninja.

Q: 6 and 1 are related.

I mean they’re practically brothers already in the show.

Q: 5 and 6 get in a fight; who will win?

Oh damn. While Lloyd is definitely more powerful, when Pixal’s in her kick-ass mech...I don’t think he’d stand a chance. All depends on the circumstances, I’d say.

Q: Out of nowhere, 9 loses it and goes into a psycho rage. How does 4 calm him/her down?

By talking calmly to him and listening to all his ranting until he’s settled down somewhat.

Q: 5 is the hero in a movie. Who is his/her damsel in distress?

I want to say Nya, because I’m a sucker for Samurai, but she’s definitely not the ‘damsel in distress’ type. Probably Zane, I guess.

Q: 3 and 8 go on a date. How does this turn out?

Adorably. Jay ends up falling asleep cuddled in Cole’s arms at the end of the date, and the earth ninja is awestruck at how cute Jay can be.

Q: 4 walks in on 3 changing. How do they react?

Zane: Cole, have you seen my-

Cole: ...

Zane: ...

Zane: *turns around and leaves*

Later that day, Jay finds Zane attempting to erase his memories.

Q: 6 and 9 to the beach together. What happens?

Good lord...Lloyd would try to get Morro into the ocean whenever possible, I’d guess. This would end with a whole lot of shrieking and colorful language.

Q: In a wild spin-the-bottle game, 2 gets 4. What happens between them in the closet?

Ronin, I’m seriously regretting putting you on this list. Zane would do everything in his power to keep the mercenary off him, but the rules of spin the bottle are sound, and there will no doubt be a kiss or more stolen by Ronin. Because Ronin is Ronin. Go wild, my fellow fanfic writers.

Q: 8 tells the dirty secret they’ve been hiding. What is it?

That he and Nya got a little ‘naughty’ in Kai’s bed...on more than one occasion.

Q: 5 accidentally hurts 1. Is 1 forgiving about it?

He better be, or there will be hell to pay from Zane.

Q: 3 and 5 get really drunk. What's happening?

Can Pixal even get drunk...? Whatever. She tells Cole a bunch Zane’s embarrassing secrets, since she was stuck in his head for a while.

Q: 8 proposes to 6. What is their reaction?

Lloyd: Uh...


Lloyd: Am I even old enough to get married?

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