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My handle is Azuremegacyber.

I have gotten into RWBY since binging Red vs Blue last year during a depressed period in my life, RWBY followed after the queue and I clicked it with skepticism in mind. I was blown away by all of it; music, waifus, fight scenes, designs, and lore, and have been a fan ever since. The main guy I used in my fics is Jaune of course, secondary MC with an amount of flaws and goals to overcome, like all main guys I typically write them as harem protagonists. I just like to do that, except I actually write smut instead of tiptoeing around romantic interactions.

Current year 2016- From writing 'A Knight and His Maidens', Jaune the Conqueror, Hearts of Yandere, and Multiverse paramour, I have created four popular harem smut fics that eventually got taken down because some asshat decided to report me.

Thus I moved the big four to Archive of Our Own(AO3) where they will continue without hindrance. Links are listed below for any longtime fans and readers to indulge in.

Current status update! August 2017

My Current story on FF- The Game Show of Jaune Arc's Dating Life

I started this after getting inspired by certain reaction fics, watching DeathBattle onYT, and having the urge to do comedy. So far the results have been splendid, the fic features two hosts putting Jaune through the ringer of potential dating partners while simultaneously training him to improve his stats and display possilble happy endings with any of his female school mates.

Chapters of date so far- Lian Ren(R63), up next (????)

Read and enjoy the smut listed below in the links and read with humor in mind at the fic I currently work on here.

Hearts of Yandere: (latest update- Rabbit's Toy Box-Velvet)

Up next- Either Coco, Neo, or someone else. TBD.

Archiveofourown dot org /works/8234674

Jaune the Conqueror: (Latest update- Claim the Barmaidens)

Up next(Claim the Sailor girl/ Claim Yang/Neo non-canon filler)

Archiveofourown dot org/works/8226662

Multiverse Paramour: (Scheele-Akame ga Kill)

Up next(Momo Yaoyorozu-My Hero Academia)

Archiveofourown dot org/works/8226413

Knight and his Maidens: (Recent update- Sunstrewn Feathers-Jaune/Raven/Yang)

Up Next-Double update! (Heartshot-May Zedong, Motherly Approval-Team MILF(Raven,Summer, Kali, and Willow)

Archiveofourown dot org/works/8220091

Commissions! *Opened*

I work commissions for pay! Either Amazon gift cards or Pay pal (preferable)

Prices: up to 5k words = 25$, up to 8k words = 35$, and up to 10k words = 45$, 15k being 55$

Rules-I can write anything smut, even outside of RWBY, so don't hesitate to ask. I will NOT do NTR/Cuckolding/cheating/Abuse/Character bashing/Guro/Scat. That's it, I'm open to many fetishes including Anthro, incest, BDSM, Yuri, Tentacles, transformations, age regression, spanking,etc.


Come to support my p a treon which I can/will write whatever stories you have in mind relating to certain anime/game/media franchises. It is under the same penname, go there for support. Url is listed below. (Had to type the url this way because it doesn't show up otherwise)

https : //www p a treon dot com/Azuremegacyber?alert=2

My Subscribestar for Previews/Uploads that are too 'spicy' and not allowed on P a treon


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