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Well as far as li'l ol' me, there is not much to tell. I am currently a student at CalState Fullerton plotting day and night to find a way out and elsewhere to go to school (New York sounds nice...).

Among my great passions in life are such diverse topics as: music, composition, history, reading, acting, movies, stagecraft, comedy, religion, philosophy, and a number of other things I am not currently able to drag to the forefront of my consciousness...oh and writing too.

Nothing irritates me more than to be reading a great piece of fiction, only to find that the author has discontinued it for reasons such as: he got bored, he grew lazy, he has been driven into a suicidal state of depression over the death of his pet rock, etc. I promise to my readers that I will do my utmost not to waste both your valuable time, and my own, and not to post anything that I do not plan to complete at some point in the near future. My writing is slow, and updates will not come often...but they will come! Take heart!

Ad Astra Per Ardua
The Great Zurtle

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