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11 The Malachor Travesty » by The Hippy Griff Few Jedi have ever committed genocide. Fewer still have detonated superweapons. And only one Jedi, the one they would one day call the "Exile", has done so without turning to the Dark Side. This is the story of Dxun, the story of Malachor, and the story of how war can break a woman's soul.
Star Wars, T, English, Tragedy, chapters: 8, words: 19k+, favs: 24, follows: 6, updated: 10/14/2017 published: 8/25/2013, Exile/Meetra Surik, Revan
96Take a mile » by LittleMissAfflicted 'A girl coccooned in a pink bathrobe walks towards the center of the room. I watch her unwrap herself like a present and drop the fluffy censor onto a nearby chair.' In which the football head and bully are reunited after years apart- as art student and subject. Rated M.
Hey Arnold, M, English, Romance, chapters: 8, words: 27k+, favs: 73, follows: 104, updated: 7/31/2016 published: 11/30/2015, Phoebe, Arnold, Helga, Gerald
10k+ Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality » by Less Wrong Petunia married a biochemist, and Harry grew up reading science and science fiction. Then came the Hogwarts letter, and a world of intriguing new possibilities to exploit. And new friends, like Hermione Granger, and Professor McGonagall, and Professor Quirrell... COMPLETE.
Harry Potter, T, English, Drama & Humor, chapters: 122, words: 661k+, favs: 28k+, follows: 20k+, updated: 3/14/2015 published: 2/28/2010, Harry P., Hermione G.
259 Clean » by American HOT Fender After waking up in the hospital, a 26 year old Helga lands herself in rehab for drug and alcohol abuse. Bob wants her cleaned up but while she's there, Gerald begins to dig into the past and brings out a skeleton in her closet that has haunted them both. And what exactly does all of this have to do with Arnold anyway? COMPLETE!
Hey Arnold, T, English, Romance & Angst, chapters: 28, words: 137k+, favs: 111, follows: 89, updated: 6/21/2013 published: 12/15/2007, Arnold, Helga
405 Reflections Lost on a Dark Road » by Chryssalid-Lathis A botched mission sends the cast of Lathis' "Teen Titans and the Lost Boy" across a dimensional boundary and into a parallel world; on that world, the XCOM Earth, the cast of "The Road to Cydonia" suddenly have more than just the Alien War on their hands.
Ranma & Teen Titans, T, English, Adventure & Sci-Fi, chapters: 49, words: 1357k+, favs: 157, follows: 131, updated: 12/25/2012 published: 2/21/2011, Ryoga, Raven
18Single Scars » by Pyrex Shards Phoebe Johansen wanted to jump up and crawl across the conference table to Helga, shake her, and yell 'ARNOLD IS DEAD' as loud as she possibly could. Content rating changed to T from M because I hate M. The chapters will be updated soon to reflect this.
Hey Arnold, T, English, Hurt/Comfort & Angst, chapters: 4, words: 17k+, favs: 14, follows: 11, updated: 10/16/2011 published: 7/17/2009, Helga
432Quagmire » by kataja As the Battle of Endor approaches a Jedi and a spy find themselves on common, boggy ground.
Star Wars, T, English, chapters: 36, words: 219k+, favs: 399, follows: 270, updated: 9/28/2011 published: 6/14/2010, Luke S., Mara Jade
29 The Spaces Between My Fingers » by Polkahotness "Despite how tight I had been holding onto the phone just moments ago, it slipped right out of my fingers and fell to the floor with a muffled thump. It slipped out of my grip almost as quickly as my Grandparents had slipped out of my life." AxH. R&R!
Hey Arnold, T, English, Hurt/Comfort & Tragedy, chapters: 2, words: 10k+, favs: 44, follows: 16, updated: 9/7/2011 published: 9/5/2011, Arnold, Helga
127 Mega Man: Guiding Rainbow's Light » by Erico Before Mega Man X, before Mega Man...There was a man with a dream. Before the age of robots, humanity faced one last struggle. Before he was tired and gray, he was young and bold. This is the unspoken tale. This is the story of Dr. Thomas X. Light.
Mega Man, T, English, Sci-Fi, chapters: 20, words: 390k+, favs: 136, follows: 64, updated: 9/15/2010 published: 2/10/2007
162If Love Were Only Part of the Equation » by K'Arthur -Story has been discontinued and is currently being rewritten under the title 'Rise from Ashes'-
Lunar: Silver Star, T, English, Drama & Romance, chapters: 18, words: 169k+, favs: 47, follows: 5, updated: 5/31/2010 published: 10/28/2000
281 A Sorrow of Magpies » by Rabbitprint Spoilers for KH1, CoM, KH2. Every Organization has to start somewhere. A look at the Nobodies and how they learn the rules of an existence they never expected.
Kingdom Hearts, T, English, chapters: 17, words: 125k+, favs: 468, follows: 159, updated: 1/5/2009 published: 5/16/2006, Xehanort, Vexen
168 The Princess and the Thief » by MTL76 Set approximately one year after Sozin's Comet. The war is over, peace reigns, and Azula is locked up. But sinister forces conspire to free her...
Avatar: Last Airbender, T, English, Adventure & Romance, chapters: 24, words: 99k+, favs: 116, follows: 49, updated: 12/3/2008 published: 7/30/2008, Azula
96 Something is Cracking by Pirate Perian Deb catches Dexter in the act. Spoilers for all of season 2.
Dexter, T, English, Drama & Horror, words: 8k+, favs: 421, follows: 71, 1/30/2008
58 Water Through a Rusted Pipe by Pirate Perian Deb sees a side of her brother that she's never seen before, and asks some awkward questions. Dexter, in answering them, decides to experiment with truth.
Dexter, K+, English, Drama, words: 5k+, favs: 301, follows: 46, 1/27/2008
229Legacy of Honor » by silveran Five years after the Lion War, a girl witnesses a trial of a Holy Knight that would forever change her life. The Purge, another era of struggle for Ramza and his companions, would forge this young girl's life and help her find the true meaning of honor...
Final Fantasy: Tactics, T, English, Drama, chapters: 23, words: 183k+, favs: 85, follows: 33, updated: 8/25/2005 published: 1/8/2002
47 Une Fleuraison Constante » by trimurti [A Constant Blossoming] AU. Within Ivalice the land is Ivalice the castle, the centuriesold stronghold. As life is variable and malleable, so are the fates of those who enter through the castle gates... [Discontinued]
Final Fantasy: Tactics, T, English, Drama & Fantasy, chapters: 14, words: 77k+, favs: 4, follows: 1, updated: 3/22/2005 published: 9/11/2004
54In the Hands of Time » by Darth Pipes and ami-padme At the end of The Empire Strikes Back, Palpatine sends Mara back in time to strike a preemptive blow against the Skywalker family...but Vader, Luke and Leia are hot on her trail.
Star Wars, T, English, Adventure & Drama, chapters: 9, words: 92k+, favs: 69, follows: 19, updated: 8/3/2002 published: 7/22/2002
144 Mega Man X: Whispers In Time » by Erico The Inhabitants of the original Mega Man series speak their peace, of the end of their era and the coming one of Mega Man X...
Mega Man, T, English, Drama, chapters: 11, words: 122k+, favs: 197, follows: 33, updated: 7/25/2002 published: 4/12/2002
91Chrono Trigger: Until the End of Time » by Demon-Fighter Ash A novella that explores the twenty years between Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross, following the friendship of Crono, Marle, Lucca and Magus as they fight against the growing Porre Republic and try to learn the origins of the mysterious infant Kid.
Chrono Cross, T, English, Fantasy & Drama, chapters: 7, words: 90k+, favs: 71, follows: 5, updated: 3/29/2002 published: 2/23/2002
120 Rurouni Soujiro » by The Gramarye Soujiro is on his own now, and is searching for new meaning in life. Long and involved, with a bit of everything: swordfighting, love interest, political intrigue, and underworld schemes. 111502: psst psst ... a sequel is finally in the works.
Rurouni Kenshin, K+, English, Drama & Adventure, chapters: 9, words: 74k+, favs: 59, follows: 12, updated: 6/16/2001 published: 12/7/2000, Soujiro
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