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DeadLyokoBrony PM
Joined May '15

First Name: Noah

last Name: ???

Age: ??

Gender: Male

Born: May 11

Quote(s): "Even though I have the same name as my OC doesn't mean that it's a Self-Insert." - me

"Stories with great potential and many great SYOC's shouldn't be abandoned, but it is understandable bad things tend to happen and we have no control of it, I have seen a few stories with great potential get adopted. Now the fans of the SYOC's are patient and will wait; They slowly update or just stop, We the fan's of your stories and we will wait to see what is going to happen" - me

"I will try to update The Station of Despair" - me

Likes: Zombie movies and Anime, Anime, Cartoons, music, SYOC's, OC's, good Self-Inserts, manga, Video Games

Dislikes: bad Self-Inserts, Heavy Metal, too much detail

Health: Asperger

Ship's: OC x OC, OC x Main Character, Jaune x Nora, Jaune x Neon (For some reason), Ruby x Penny, Hajime x Hiyoko, Naegi x Kyoko, Naegi x Celeste, Hajime X Akane, Rin x Shiemi, Naruto x Ino, Naruto x Hinata, Naruto x Sakura, Roka x Kenji, Lee x molly, Lee x Carley, Kenny x Katjaa, Kenny x Sarita, Chris x Sam, Matt x Emily

OC's: Tobu Hikoki (Danganronpa oc), Naoko Kaiayama (Danganronpa oc), Noah Dreemur (Undertale oc), Owen 'Bullet' Hawkins (The Walking Dead oc (Game)), Noah (The Walking Dead oc (game)), Zach 'Bane' Varner (Walking Dead oc (TV)), Seth Cordial (Walking Dead oc (TV)), Noah Cornett (Danganronpa oc), Taiyo Kaiza (Danganronpa oc), Erik Sammada (Danganronpa oc), Vonda Sammada (Danganronpa oc), Dobutsu Kenkyu (Danganronpa oc), Duan Vonno Dorfer (Star wars oc), Alex Hamilton (Star wars oc), Abaferudi Ongaku (Danganronpa oc), Felix Cornett (Danganronpa oc), Axel Takashima (Danganronpa oc), Lec Johnson (Danganronpa oc), Sean Lincoln (Danganronpa oc), Kara Hewai (Danganronpa oc), Nixon Arendale (Ever After High oc) and many more

Other: has a Twitter account, Has a Fimfiction account

These stories are not abandoned, they are just on a long Hiatus

1) Danganronpa: The Station of Despair

2) Venturetale

3) Dying Light

Story in a process of being written

A Light Fades

Favorite SYOC's: Danganronpa: Bunker of Despair, Danganronpa: The Cruise of Hope and Despair, Danganronpa: Welcome to Batafuri Academy!, POLRS, Danganronpa: the Kingdom of Hope and Despair, The Despair Clean-up Crew, Danganronpa: City of Despair Re-Write, TDR: Rebuild, Star Wars: Insurgents, Myth & Magic University, and many more

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