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Hi, you can call me Syrinx,

A reader and an aspirant writer.

I'm an Otaku! I love reading Light Novels, Manga, and fanfiction, aaaand watching Anime.

I'm on Hiatus for Years because of personal problems but I'm back now because of Covid-19- lol!

Hope you try my stories!


I AM DEFINITELY, DEFINITELY IN LOVE WITH MINATO AND KUSHINA! (I'm obsessed with them, I almost can't read a story without them. I cry every time a writer kills them and follows the canon plot. Almost all of my Naruto fics involve them! Yep, I love Minato and Kushina. And I will never ever accept any stories that include Minato and Kushina but not a couple)


Yu Yu Hakusho fanfic: A Shift in Dimension- on-going

The update will be slow so bear with me. Thank you.

Naruto published fics: THE FOURTH HOKAGE'S SON- on-going



Prince of Tennis: ONE TOUCH- on-going


My first Naruto Fic

I just posted a new story, it's a Naruto fanfic inspired by THE LOST NAMIKAZE written by FaerieLight. The story is awesome, sadly it's probably abandoned, and so I created my own version of it with the main plot in mind BUUUUUT many things are different. The only thing that probably looks the same is the prologue and Chapter One, but the following chapters (Which currently in the process of editing) are entirely different things. I hope you try it out.

Link for Kaoru Uzumaki's Appearance: https:///post/621969191196622848/the-fourth-hokages-son-written-by-syrinxsilenus


List of all publish and SOON TO COME stories:

SyrinxSilenus' Stories

Yu Yu Hakusho Fics

A Shift in Dimension

Rating: Rated M

Pairings: HieixOc, YusukexKeiko, KuwabaraxYukina, KuramaxOc

Summary: A new calamity had once again come to ruffle their newly acquired peace. Could the Reikai Tantei make it through this just like how they did back then? When the enemies were unknown, and the ripples had gone deeper than expected. Unknown people had landed unceremoniously from Genkai's ceiling. What are they? Enemies? Or the key to saving the world.

Welcome to my Fuck Up Life

Rating: Rated M

Pairings: HieixOc, YusukexKeiko

Summary: She's an old soul. This is not her first life or her second. This is not even her first-dimensional travel. There is more than one world out there. Thousands of dimensions and worlds, and her last reincarnation is in a world she believed to be fictitious.

Naruto Fics

The Fourth Hokage's Son

Rating: Rated M

Pairings: MinatoxKushina

Summary: When Itachi Uchiha went on a mission on the land of Earth, he didn't imagine that he would be in a kind of situation wherein the lives of the missing wife of the Fourth Hokage and his unknown son depends on him. Considering that he only had seconds to decide, he assumed that he had chosen correctly. After all, the Fourth Hokage would be willing to go to war for his family, right?

The Future in Our Hands

Rating: Rated T

Pairings: NaruHina, SasuSaku, ShikaTema, SaIno, MinaKush, TsunaJirai

Summary: The Ōtsutsuki clan destroyed all their hard work. Naruto was sealed away, and Sasuke was on his knees – awaiting death. When all hope was gone and the Shinobi world perished: The Sage of The Six Paths appeared, offering a second chance. Will they be able to achieve peace this time around? Or will the demons of the future continue to hunt them no matter what timeline they're in?

Reincarnation is a Hex

Rating: Rated M

Pairings: ObitoxOc, KakashixOc, MinatoxKushina, (other pairings are still pending)

Summary: One anomaly was rare enough, two was close to impossible, three was downright ridiculous. However, three souls that didn't belong to the Narutoverse collided with its reality. Three reincarnation souls that lived more than twice would bring revolution to the Shinobi world.

The Legend of the Three Gutsy Shinobi

Rating: Rated M

Pairings: MinatoxKushina

Summary: Namikaze Minato expected himself to die one final time when the Sage of the Six Paths released him from the clutches of the Edo Tensei after the Fourth Shinobi World War, and finally reunited with his wife after so many years inside the Shinigami's stomach. He and his wife expected to continue watching the next generation as Kakashi became Hokage and passed the hat to his son. He hadn't expected to find himself back in his old apartment not long after he graduated as a new Genin of Konoha.

Madara's Chance For A Happy Ever After

Rating: Rated M

Pairings: MadaraxOc, TobiramaxOc

Summary: For the sake of her parents' sanity, she probably should've taken things more seriously but, seeing The almighty Uchiha Madara in the flesh standing in front of her dining table–well she thought to herself that her reaction was normal. That her brain short-circuiting with her entire universe stuttering into an abrupt halt was a justified reaction.

Here We Go Again

Rating: Rated M

Pairings: ?

Summary: For so many lives I'm nothing but a host of flesh, bones, and brain with no heart. That changed before I finished my current life earlier than expected. Transported–reincarnated?– to a world filled with ninja and politics. Flying shurikens and kunai with different elements fired left and right. People wearing distinct headbands were a big giveaway to the fact that I was smack-dab into Narutoverse in the middle of the Second Shinobi War. Oops…

Isekai as Uchiha Izumi

Rating: Rated M

Pairings: ItachixIzumi(SI), SasuSaku, NaruHina

Summary: Waking up as Uchiha Itachi's supposed girlfriend after said boyfriend had to massacre their clan wasn't part of her wish after dying, but now that she was here, she figured that she might as well do something to fix Kishimoto's messed up plot. After all, she had always been a sucker to new challenges. 'I am what I am. Even if my name is Uchiha Izumi now, I will prevail.'

Sakura's Ways of Saving The World

Rating: Rated M

Pairings: SasuSaku, NaruHina (mostly canon pairings)

Summary: Sakura had always wondered what could have been if she had started taking her Shinobi training earlier than she did. Now that she was back in her scrawny 7-year-old body when she was fighting a fucking goddess minutes ago, she couldn't decide whether to cry or be grateful. One thing's for sure, she wouldn't be useless this time around.

Haikyuu fics

Haikyuu: Shipwrecked

Rating: Rated M

Pairings: Haikyuu Characters x Original Female Characters

Summary: After Karasuno's grueling loss with Kamomedai, the members of Karasuno's boy's volleyball team were beyond disappointed. When Coach Ukai and Takeda-Sensei coincidentally won the grand prize from a lottery game, they were given a chance to have a relaxing vacation on a high-class cruise. Meeting familiar faces inside the ship, they didn't expect that a happy vacation would turn into their worst nightmare.

The Red Ball of Yarn

Rating: Rated T

Pairings: KenmaxOc, Kuroox Oc

Summary: She was only supposed to do a simple bet: buy the new installment of Dragon Quest at a regular Tokyo game store, but when Sapphire blue connected with a pair of intense cat-like amber eyes, she was frozen on the spot and time seemed to stop. Her life would never be the same again.


Prince of Tennis fic

One Touch

Rating: Rated M

Pairings: Echizen Ryoma x Ryuzaki Sakuno

Summary: Who would've thought that one fateful encounter with Karupin would lead Sakuno closer to the prince that she'd admire for so long? One-touch. Just a simple accidental bumping of lips started it all, and there was no turning back now.

Accidentally Married

Pairings: Ryoma Echizen and Sakuno Ryuzaki, Takeshi Momoshiro and An Tachibana, Kaoru Kaido and Tomoka Osakada

Rating: Rated M

Summary: Sakuno always dreamed of marrying Ryoma Echizen when she grew up. She was fantasizing about it in her sleep and every waking hour. However, waking up with Ryoma's gobsmacked face staring at her while naked in bed and...married? Wasn't part of the plan.

A Heartbreak that Leads Back to You

Rating: Rated M

Pairings: Echizen Ryoma x Ryuzaki Sakuno, Momoshiro Takeshi x Tachibana An, Kaido Kaoru x Osakada Tomoka

Summary: 8 years ago, Ryoma rejected Sakuno and returned to America the next day. After years of separation, she never thought of meeting him again during the worst moment of her life. In front of a love hotel as she stalked her cheating fiancé 2 months before their wedding. Fate was probably having fun playing with her life.

You're Mine

Rating: Rated T

Pairings: Echizen Ryoma x Ryuzaki Sakuno, Momoshiro Takeshi x Tachibana An, Kaido Kaoru x Osakada Tomoka

Summary: Ryoma and Sakuno are dating for three years. Everything seems going well and they're going strong until a transfer student from America suddenly appeared and shake their relationship foundation. "So you drunkenly set me up with some girl when I was four? How can you be so crazy oyaji!"


Hello everyone, it's been a long time. I'm so sorry for my long absence, but don't worry, I'm working on my stories. Though I can't finish a single chapter for a week because of the busy schedule I have these days. I promise you though that I'm not abandoning any of my stories.

A Shift in Dimension- (Jan. 8, 2021) This will take a while. After I managed to update my two Naruto fic, this will follow.

The Fourth Hokage's Son: (April 21, 2021) Chapters 7 PUBLISHED. Chapters 8 and 9 are coming soon!

The Future in Our Hands: (Jan. 8, 2021) currently writing chapter 5. The update wouldn't be anytime soon.

One Touch: (September 25, 2021) Chapter 6 PUBLISHED

Syrinx' Update as of September 25, 2021

I'M NOT DEAD! I'll be starting my job on Monday so I will apologize in advance if my updating is so late. I really can't do anything about it. Life just happened. But I won't abandon any of my stories.

1. The Fourth Hokage's Son

2. One Touch

3. The Future In Our Hands

4. A Shift In Dimension

5. You're Mine

I hope you wait patiently for my return.

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