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Want to know something about me?

Where do I start?

My name?

You don't need that.


I have 25.

Now my gender?

I don't know why you guys want to know but well, I'm male.


I'm a Graphic Design, have a part time job and looking for another job, also I'm a lazy person, so don't have enough time to update but made my time to read.

Canon or non-canon pairing stories?

To read: it doesn't matter, but inclined a little to stories with a non-canon pairings.

To write: whatever pops in my mind.

What I likes?

PIZZAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA, *Ahem* Modern and retro cartoons, some anime, and I'm not a gamer totally but likes them.

My favorite pairings?

I don't support any pairing, I really don't care.

My Work:


Hey Arnold!:

Arnold's locket (status: ongoing).

Steven Universe:

Ace universe (status: ongoing from Inside Series)

Princess heart (status: ongoing)

-Coming soon:


Behind the stories

A. series:

Steven Universe: Ace universe

Hey Arnold:


Teen Titans:

Inside series:

Steven Universe:

Hey Arnold:


Silent Hill:


Gravity Falls:

Hey Arnold:

The rise of the machine (status: idea)

TU (status: secret)

SK (status: secret)

Steven Universe:

Stevenverse (status:writing the plot)


The visit (status: idea)

Adventure time:

Chronos (status: idea)

Fairly odd parents

El tigre

Danny Phantom

Phineas & Ferb


Hey Arnold!:

Before his birthday (status: complete).

Steven Universe:

A present for Steven (status: complete)

Another day in gem distrct (status: complete)

Also if I have the chance I'll accept request for stories (red light).

I think it's enough for now

Have more questions? Send me a PM, but I don't ensure that I'll answer.

Grettings from México

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