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Charmed: Charmed and the Clash of the Cousins, The Halliwell Prince, Piper's Baby Boy, Henry Jr and the Rings of Power, Billie and Chris' Secret Child. Charmed and the Cursed Child, Hunt for Isaac, Charmed and the First Evils.

OUAT: The Crescent Hood, Blood Family The Aftermath.

Country: United Kingdom

Likes: Books, films especially the Mummy films apart from the third.

Favourite TV Shows: Charmed, Buffy The Vampire Slayer (Btvs), Angel, The Grimm, Originals, Rizzoli and Isles, My Family, Gilmore Girls. Bewitched, Blackadder, Golden Girls, Will Grace and Murdoch Mysteries (Seasons 1-9)

Books: David Walliams books, Anthony Horowitz books, Charlie Bone series, the Guardians of Childhood series. Private Peaceful.

Ships both canon and non-canon I like:

Prue and Andy (Charmed) Piper and Dan (Charmed)Piper and Mark (Charmed)

Phoebe and Cole (Charmed pre-season 5) Phoebe and Jason (Charmed)

Paige and Henry (Charmed) Bianca and Chris (Charmed) Tyler and Jeremy (TVD)

Jenna and Alaric (TVD) Caroline and Stefan (TVD) Valerie and Stefan (TVD)

Katherine and Stefan (TVD) Rose and Damon (TVD) Bonnie and Damon (TVD)

Bonnie and Enzo (TVD) Nora and Mary Louise (TVD)

Davina and Kol (The Originals) Freya and Keelin (The Originals) Freya and Lucien (The Originals)

Cami and Klaus (The Originals) Rebekah and Marcel (The Originals)

Antoinette and Elijah (The Originals) Gia and Elijah (The Originals)

Alice and Robin (OUAT) Zelena and Hades (OUAT) Drizella/Ivy and Henry (OUAT)

Red/Ruby and Dr Whale (OUAT) Red/Ruby and Mulan (OUAT)

Belle and Rumpelstiltskin (OUAT) Cora and Rumpelstiltskin (OUAT)

Emma and Graham (OUAT) Cordelia and Angel (Angel) Fred and Gunn (Angel)

Willow and Tara (Btvs) Anya and Xander (Btvs) Juliet and Nick (Grimm)

Rosalee and Monroe (Grimm) Emily and Richard (Gilmore Girls)

Lorelai and Luke (Gilmore Girls) Rory and Logan (Gilmore Girls)

Lane and Zack (Gilmore Girls)

Drake Halliwell Universe (Charmed)

The Lost Child of Phoebe and Drake.

Summary: In an alternative universe Phoebe found out she was pregnant with Drake's child the day before his due death Phoebe not being able to tell the farther when the baby was born she abandoned the child at the local church and erase memories of her pregnancy from her family. But now he has returned can Phoebe save him from becoming one the evilest being.

Phoebe's three sons.

Summary: Phoebe tells her son Drake that he in fact has two other brother sons to Cole and now he is force to fight both of them but who will win Drake will need the only witch he trusts Chris but how will he stop his brothers.

The Final Story of Drake.

Summary: In this final story of Drake not only does he find love but is cursed to die can his family find out how will his love be strong enough to survive.

Son of Andy and Prue.

Summary: What if instead of Andy dying in 1999 what if it was Darryl that died and Prue and Andy had a child but once Prue died Andy took their child and moved away. But when Andy comes back to San Francisco for a friend's funeral Paul meets his family from his mum's side but can he cope with the idea of being a witch and how will his dad react.

Prue's Sons.

Summary: Set after the events of Son of Andy and Prue. When Paul gets a part-time job at an independent coffee shop owned by Bane Jessup, Paul discovers a secret hidden by Prue and Bane for 14 years. A boy called Daniel the two boys are destined to form a collective that equals the power of three!

Charmed and the First Evils.

Summary: A few weeks after Prue's Sons, Danny hears a desperate call for help. Trying to find the caller Danny finds himself tapping into a power he never knew he had. Danny finds himself in another universe unable to get home by himself. Paul follows Danny only to encounter the First Evils.

Status: Inprogress.

Jr's Family Universe (Charmed and Halloweentown)

Jr's Family.

Summary: There is one more battle that brings forth the two most powerful lines of witches in history Halliwell and Cromwell! To protect a child that is the key to a power like no other but happens when Jr starts looking for his biological family? Which will ignite a war between witches and the Elders family will die and secrets revealed!

Status: Completed.

Henry Jr and Gaea's Warrior.

Summary: Set a few months after the events of Jr's Family. When the Mitchell family find out that Paige's soul is missing from the After Life and hasn't been reincarnated. The Mitchell family alongside the Cromwell witches team up to locate Paige's soul. But when the opportunity for Paige or Poseidon's siblings to be resurrected it puts father against son. (More characters included.)

Status: Inprogress.

Isaac Halliwell Universe (Charmed)

Return of the Hollow.

Summary: AU when Isacc Halliwell the youngest son of Piper and Leo has a nightmare of an upcoming battle that will bring the end of all magic the Halliwell family band together to track down the demon that is responsible. Destinies are revealed Isacc's past life is uncovered and the family will learn of Isacc's special connection to Hollow that consumes all!

Status: Completed.

Hunt for Isaac.

Summary: Sequel to Return of the Hollow. Caroline must use everything at her disposal to find her reincarnated best friend. And figure out another way for Isaac and the Hollow to be fused together permanently without the Harvest. All the while, the fate of magic hands in the balance!

Status: Inprogress.

Henry Mitchell Junior - The Rings of Power Universe (Charmed)

Henry Jr and Secrets of Merriwick House.

Summary: Two years after Paige Matthews death Henry Jr is enrolled in a boarding school in the UK for protection. Alone with no family to near him, Henry Jr makes friends and they quickly discover an ancient demonic order that seeks to steal the souls of all students to enhance their powers. Henry Jr and his friends have to work fast to vanquish the order!

Status: Complete.

Henry Jr and the Rings of Power.

Summary: Sequel to Henry Jr secrets of Merriwick house Henry Jr and his friends discover the Ring of Light belongs to a set of forgotten rings known as the Rings of Power. Henry Jr and his friends are forced to search for the other rings with the help of Henry Jr's old flame and his brother. To ensure the other rings don't fall into the wrong hands!

Status: Inprogress.

George Halliwell Gilbert Universe (Charmed)

The Lost Halliwell Witch.

Summary: Set in an AU where Leo died in season eight, Piper had a brief fling with firefighter Greg only to result in an unforeseen pregnancy however, she kept it a secret from everyone. Sixteen years pass and when Greg is attacked only to fall under a coma, Wyatt and Chris discover their baby brother's existence and find themselves taking him in.

Status: Complete.

Charmed and the Clash of the Cousins.

Summary: Sequel to The Lost Halliwell Witch, with tensions rising between Piper and Phoebe's children leaving Paige's children stuck in the middle. The Mitchell siblings have to find a way to stop a war in their family. When there are other forces involved. All the while each Halliwell has to deal with personal secrets and problems of their own. (more characters included.)

Status: Inprogress.

Charmed Sons Universe (Charmed)

Charmed Sons, If she loved me then why did she leave me?

Summary: The first instalment of the Charmed Sons universe. A year after the death of his mother, on Joseph Potter Dean's seventh birthday, the young boy with the help of his aunt Piper and his father comes to terms with his mother's passing and comes to a conclusion on the role magic has in his life! (Oneshot)

Status: Completed.

Charmed Sons, The One Who Loved Me First.

Summary: The second instalment of the Charmed Sons universe and follow-up story to Charmed Sons, If she loved me then why did she leave me?. Joseph now in his teenage years notices signs that constantly relates to his late mother. Joseph decides to take a leap of faith only to be reunited with the woman who loved him first, in fact, the one who loved him first!

Status: Complete.

Charmed Sons, A Letter, Two Fathers and One Son.

Summary: The third instalment in the Charmed Sons universe, after Henry Mitchell Junior, receives a letter from his biological father Christopher Mercer, the fourteen-year-old finds himself stuck unable to decide whether or not he should respond to the letter. Not wanting to hurt his adoptive parents' feelings, he finds himself opening up to one of his cousins for guidance!

Status: Complete.

Charmed Sons, Daniel Gordon The Forgotten Son.

Summary: The fourth instalment in the Charmed Sons universe a one-Shot where Piper decides the family should take a small holiday at an inn. Where she meets her firstborn Daniel who isn't fond of their reunion.

Status: Complete.

Charmed Sons, A Prison Visit.

Summary: The fifth instalment in the Charmed Sons universe, the follow-up story to Charmed Sons, A Letter, Two Fathers and One Son. Henry Junior picks up the courage to respond to a letter sent by his biological father Christopher Mercer from prison. Only to get a visiting request from Christopher. The boy decides to visit Christopher but will it be a meeting worth remembering?

Status: Complete.

Scott Halliwell Matthews Universe (Charmed)

The Halliwell Prince.

Summary: Shortly after moving in with her newly discovered sisters. Paige discovers she is pregnant with the prince's child from the Evil Enchantress's era. Paige and her new sisters have to adapt to this unexpected pregnancy while preparing to fight the Source of All Evil! As well as other dangers that are coming for the unborn baby. (More characters included.)

Status: Inprogress.

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