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Announcements - ((Update - November 25, 2017))

Hello, Fairy here! It’s almost been a full year since I’ve updated, but I will say that I’m still writing. Mainly I’ve been procrastinating by reading other people’s fanfics as well as preparing to start college next year. So please bare with me. All my creative outlets been on a stand still ever since.

Places to find me:

Tumbr: fairy-rave (Main Blog) or fairyrave-art (Art and Writing Blog Only)

- Archive of Our Own: FairyRave

Twitter: @FairyRave_ (I'm not very active on Twitter though)

- DeviantArt: FairyRave (Yes, I do art, although, mainly MLP stuff at the moment.

My Bio:

Well I'm a young taught artist. I usually practice mimicking other art styles till I add my own style to it or feel comfortable that I could add my own style. I'm not that good of a artist that I want to put my art as a wallpaper yet, but I think I'm getting there. My writing is, to say the least, pretty moderate. I enjoy reading a lot of, I mean a lot, of fanfics. It's one of the things that distracts me the most from my life and sometimes my sleep.

And obviously I'm a brony, a Harry Potter fan, a whovian, a anime lover, a Sherlock fan, Once Upon a Time fan, Gravity Falls fan, and other fandoms I don't know about. Sometimes I'm a fan of the fandoms within the fandom. I'm not obsessed over things that I go to cons or buy enough products like mangas, DVDs, toys, etc to fill a room, but enough of a fan to make art and occasionally write. I relatively like my life right now and have a balance between internet life and real life.

Random Facts About Me


- I’m more of a digital artist.

- I’m a proud Hufflepuff.

- I like programming.

- Memes are the best.

UPDATED - February 19, 2020

Currently Working on:

Emerald Flames - Harry Potter

((COMPLETED - Ch 6 - Unedited))

((Current Progress - Ch 7 ~288 words))

Never Tickle a Sleeping Dragon - Harry Potter Sherlock Crossover

((COMPLETED - Ch 3 - Unedited))

((Current Progress - Ch 4 ~308 words))

Inconvenient Timing - Harry Potter Sherlock Crossover

((COMPLETED - Ch 2 - Unedited))

((Current Progress - Ch 3 - Pending))


You’re Not the Only One ((CANCELLED)) - Lord of the Flies

Snowflake - Miraculous Ladybug

A Short Trip - Gravity Falls

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