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My currrent obsession is Digimon! It is my fave show.

My fave couples-

Diasuke and Riku

Dark and Risa

Tk and Kari

Ken and Kari

Tohru and Kyo

Hero and Kisa

Li/Sioran and Sakura

Krillin and 18

Gohan and Videl

Vegeta and Bulma

Naruto and Hinata

Sasuke and Sakura

Ino and Shikamaru

Hinata and Sasuke

Hinata and Kiba

Tenten and Lee

Sakura and Gaara

I will thank about the others later

Fave quotes and there storys

"Me?" Tai asked confused why I would pick him, truth is, he's probably the closest, crap I forgot Ken!-from My best friend byPrincessstphanie

"Next time you say something like that to Daisuke, you're going to get a human booster shot from a guy named Molly"-from Saint Valentine's day byShadowDaisuke

It’s bad enough that he’s a few years younger. My guess is ... about 4 years older. Nothing much... He must already have a girlfriend. Usually all the cute guys are taken, jerks... or gay...-from It Started At the Coffee Shop byTakuma

Meanwhile, outside the window...with binoculars... "Y'know," Kakashi muttered thoughtfully. "They could create the ultimate, never-ending, gay wheel..." On either side of him, Kurenai and Asuma nodded in agreement.-from Boys and Girls byBullwinkle

Choji's stared uneasily down at his second task, which read: Eat Akamaru! EAT HIM! Damn, Asuma was friggin weird... -from Boys and Girls byBullwinkle

“Naruto, its okay to like guys, hell I LIKE GUYS!”(Sakura)-from ¤┌Every Step I Take in the Original┐¤ byDarkAngelB

“No!” “Neji!” “No!” “Neji!” “NO!” A sunset appeared, and Gai sobbed happily, hugging the green jumpsuit in his hands. Alone.-from Fruit Basket byKudari-chan

Name: Breana Hunt

Age: 15

Hair: Brown.

Eyes: Sage

B-Day: May 25 1991

Western sighn: Gemini

Chinese Zodiac: Ram

Fave Band: Sumple Plan

Fave color: Blue

Colors I cant stand: Yellow, pink

Hobbys: Reading, Righting, Drawling, Manga, Watching anime, Ect.

Favorit anime: Digimon, FMA, Code: Lyoko(is that an anime?), s-CRY-ed, Naruto

Favorit manga: DNAngel, Fruits Basket, Angel Diarys, Absolute Boyfriend, More to come

Fave TV Quotes

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