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Yo! I'm a One Piece fanatic. (also, smol moomins fan, ratatouille, Starlight brigade... those are the main ones) It's mostly all I write for, and mostly all I read for. I keep up with the anime fairly regularly but read the manga as it comes out in the volumes, so please excuse me if I don't know current events :P Anyhow, so glad to be here, let's hope you all like my stories :)

Some general facts and announcements:

-You can find me by the same name, Wordlet, with a different fic or two on AO3, which is a fantastic fanfiction site if you've never visited ;)

-I also beta, currently for Beyond Kailani, 10/10 would recommend her fics to literally anyone. Professional ASL fluff, tbh.

- I don't curse as I feel it is unnecessary. I've been raised not to curse, I will continue not to curse wherever I can. If you don't like that (ie. if characters that canonically curse don't in my stories and you find that OOC), I advise you read somewhere else. I would appreciate if cursing was at least refrained from in comments on my stories, but it's not expected, not everyone reads on the writer's profile, I know. If you happen to read this then please show courtesy towards my opinions.

- I write nakamaship, brotherly love and lots of the sweet friendships that Luffy seems to build with everyone he meets. (and some stories that aren't too sweet) I read but do not typically write pairings. (You may notice Linked, a soulmate au, exists so there are exceptions.) The point of this note is to say that my opinion as far as canon goes does not ship any of the straw hats (or almost any side characters) and that most of my stories reflect that belief. I don't have anything agaist pairing fics but most any story you read by me, will not have a purposeful pairing, unless explicitly stated. I mean, I won't get mad if you'd like to percieve it as having one, just know that it wasn't intended and if you try to talk to me about it I'm gonna say as much.

- Anything by me will not have smut, so if by some chance I write an M-rated story (which probably won't be for a while) it will not be due to anything sexual. Pretty much guaranteed.

I'm a wrimo which means I participate in Nanowrimo. That's National Novel Writing Month; November. I have a word goal to complete within the month (typically 50k), and to maximize productivity I do my best to limit fanfiction for the month.

If you are waiting for something from me I might be delayed for this month!

I like to brag below and other than that, wish me luck ;)

Nanowrimo 2015 --~~--~~--~~--~~--~~--~~--Nanowrimo 2016--~~--~~--~~--~~--~~--~~--~~--Camp Nanowrimo, July, 2017

Goal: 30,000 words--~~--~~--~~--~~--~~--~~Goal: 30,000 words --~~--~~--~~--~~--~~--~~--~~Goal: 50,000 words

Final Word Count: 30,163 (WIN)-- ~~--~~--~~--Final Word Count: 30,070 (WIN) --~~--~~--~~--~~-- Final Word Count: 52,247 (WIN) (Finally hit 50k in a month :') :D)

Nanowrimo 2017 --~~--~~--~~--~~--~~--~~--Nanowrimo 2018 (And the Waves Rush Over our Beating Hearts)~~--~~--~~--~~Nanowrimo 2019

Goal: 50,000 words--~~--~~--~~--~~--~~--~~Goal: 50,000 words--~~--~~--~~--~~--~--~~--~~--~~--~~--~--~--~--~Goal: 50,000 words

Final Word Count: 50,544 words (WIN)--~~--~~Final Word Count: 51,040 (WIN)--~~--~~--~~--~~--~~--~~--~~--~~--~~Final Word Count: 50,141 (WIN)

In case anyone's interested, the stories below are organized based on my own approval of them and have an extended synopsis. If it's not on the list I don't like it much ;D

How it Should have Healed: pet project, pride and joy, I've worked for ages on this and I still don't think it's what it could be but I do think it's some of my best writing on this site. And I'm updating regularly (so far). aftermath/between scenes fic addressing the injuries Luffy acquires that the series never bothers to address. Well the strawhat address them here, so it's fine. Luffy's fine.

What Makes a Monster: I really like this one just gotta spruce edit and I'mma move it to AO3 too. Two chapters. First is Chopper and Luffy centric about devil fruits and loneliness and frostbite. Involves lots of hurting and lots of comforting and also cuddles. Second is Chopper and Robin centric about what exactly it means to be a monster or... a demon. No cuddling but still the hurting and the comforting ;)

For Those Who Call the Sea Home: This turned out nice imo and I like it. Modern AU about how much Luffy is built for the One Piece world and how it is built for him. He's a free spirit, and that's a hard thing to be in our world. Includes original poetry by yours truly.

acclimate: Yeah I write Moomins, they're great. And this fic turned out nice and I'm proud. Snapshot scenes of Snufkin and Moomin getting used to each other, the evolution of a relationship, be that platonic or romantic.

Stipulations to a Deal: hurt/comfort Ratatouille fic, I think it turned out really well. Remy took some hard hits on his first night in the kitchen- and Linguini is at his core a kind if clumsy soul.

It's a Good Thing: A fav just because of what I put into it, it needs some touch-ups for sure. My 2016 Big Bang piece, no art, it's a chibi fic meets mem fic, because I didn't want to write both, just one. Luffy is rubber, has been rubber for a long time. Handy thing about rubber- it's very adaptable, very resilient. Luffy is naturally tough, strong, he rolls with the punches, but everyone has a limit. The fruit extended that limit, helped Luffy take on the pressures of life with little more than a stumble and keep going strong, but you know, there's a reason people are supposed to fall down after things, to give them a chance to prepare for the next round. There're two things that happen when rubber gets pushed too far, it either rebounds, pulls back into its original shape, or it snaps.

So now the Straw Hat crew is stuck with a diminutive captain that's slowly cycling through his darkest moments, the ones that he should have taken breathers after the first time around but instead just plowed on through. Things aren't too peachy, especially because the marines want to take advantage of the vulnerable pirate and because a young/panicking/depressed Luffy who doesn't remember any/most of his nakama isn't exactly easy to deal with.

The Morpho Didius of the Nymphalidae Family: Hasn't aged as well as I like but I have fond memories of working on it and there are some parts I think I did well with. Set after Dressrosa but still on Dressrosa, a story about butterflies and brothers and it's really sweet with all sorts of symbolism. Also weirdly factual. Luffy is OOC, but there is a reason for it, really. And yes, he's speaking Latin.

Wish Upon a Star (Thx for the Deus ex Machina, Disney): This one kind of hurts me but the writing doesn't suck and I was actually updating regularly for a minute so that felt good. Watching the movie fic for Ratatouille, one of pixar's many cinematic masterpieces. Three MCs have a movie night without any control over what they're watching and suddenly find themselves watching the biggest change to all three of their lives from angles they were never privy to. Focus on platonic interactions between Remy and Linguini with a heavy dose of Colette being a feminist hero and the only sensical one in the room. Self Indulgent and a lot of fun to write and, imao, read. Includes, I dare say, a dash of meta.

I Fed The Fears: I'm really proud of this actually but I also don't like it cause I don't read horror and writing it was weird. A horror fic, posted because it was Halloween. Super confusing and meant to be as such! Fight or Flight, that tickle up one's spine, hair-raising. Chilling. Usopp's never understood why people like to be scared, aren't there enough horrors in life? Yeah. There are. Too many, far too many.

The Thursday Afternoon Before The First of June: There's some good lines and some less good lines. A fic about Luffy and Sabo and Ace. But mostly Luffy, and a lot of alcohol. (Luffy goes to a bar to drink away his sorrows)

Stay: Love the premise, could have executed it better... After Dressrosa (but still in Dressrosa) Sabo sticks around, he's guilty about leaving Luffy for all that time, and it turns out, he really doesn't need to be.

Linked: I still have plans for this I'm just bad at romance. Still like what I put down for it though. A soulmate AU in which there are nearly endless ways in which people can be 'Linked'. Instead of the whole population being connected to their respective soulmate by a red string, a number of people would have that "soul link" And others would have cool tattoos, or they are color blind when their soulmate dies. Lot's and lot's of different ways to determine different people's soulmates. So far includes UsoNa, and WyperxNefertari Vivi, pending chapter: probably CorazonxBellemere

A Mystery Pipe: Basically my most popular fic. I... want to update it with rewritten content and a new chap. This story is about Luffy's pipe. The one he used to fight with when he was growing up on Mount Colubo. He's very protective of it, because it's something left from when he lived and fought and trained with his brothers. Recently, it's original hiding spot in the Thousand Sunny was compromised, as such, Luffy is working to find a new safe place to keep it. But man, who knew the Sunny had so few hiding places for long cylindrical objects?

Parvum Tallennar: Just cause the pov was interesting and turned out well. A one-shot written from Pip's perspective when Conn was lost. Inspired by events from Home (SPOILERS INCOMING) When Crowe and Sootle and Nimble get taken by the Magic there's nothing left but the clicker ticker, but Conn's body stuck around, wonder why? I theorize that Tallennar stole him, before the Magic's... absorbed him or whatever. Give it a whirl! It's weird cause it's from the POV of a dragon :)

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