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I love to write and imagine things. I like to write and was influenced by Stan Lee. I have attempted to write a book once, but it failed due to fact that I did not have money. My great aunt was an author, not a big one but was one. I hope you like the stories that I write.

The name Shadow-Realm-Productions was changed to ShadowRealmComics because I decided to honor my long dead friend by linking my name to his name. So sorry about any issues that this might have caused.

02-11-2022 - I am alive and trying to come back to writing. It is hard when I am forced to work eighty hours an week to make ends meet. Thanks to pay raise talks, cost of living shot up. Yes I bring home more money, but what people do not understand is that companies that pays people has to raise their prices so they can still make money. Each time a pay raise takes place, I noticed that I am able to afford less then before. So, when I can I will be back to write.

11-12-2018 - Today is a sad day for us all. Stan Lee one of the men that created Spider-man and main person that had worked for Marvel Comics as well the one that was the driving force behind the company as well a support of Dark Horse comics (winner of the show 'Who wants to be a superhero? has it done there.) died this morning he will be missed by many in out of the company as well among us author's of fanfiction.

Current Project:

Potter's Bloody Luck: Something that I decided to do since I had broken down all notes for it before I was assulted by the hacker (so they claimed) of Critics United. It was made to fill in the void of lack of Bloodrayne X Harry Potter fanfics.

Projects: All been pulled down until rewrites are done. But these are them that I will focus on.

My Hero Made Real: This is a project that I inherited from ShadowImageComics right before he passed away. I decided to get permission from Pain17ification once again for this story since it was his in the first place. Currently working chapter, so please be patient.

An Impossible Maelstrom: This is challenge that accepted from Chillman22. After talking and getting all the rules down, I decided that this is perfect side project for me to do.

Team Possible of the Leaf: Up coming project that is influenced D N Walker's Kim Possible: KP of the Leaf as well sailorkagome91's version, but also Harbinger of Kaos' Project: Amalgam.

DC: Web of Spiders: Another idea that I been playing with after reading several story of our favorite wall crawler, but in this you will see OCs created from accidental soul merging that will be with Spider-Man. Note, harem will have eight girls and the souls of six of them will be from Marvel. just read when it comes out.

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