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gender male
age 24 (note forgot to change my age last year i will change this again on october 14th)

gundam mech oc

gundam frame draconis is based off gundam barbatos lupus rex but without tail blade and is like a humanoid dragon the dragon used is red eyes darkness dragon though colors are all white is instead black and red and blue parts of paint job is gold claws on feet and hands are colored red the eyes are purple as well as lasers and any lights from the mech for gundam 00 the back has a gm drive for flight and for other gundam series draconis has darkness dragons wings with a feature that wings are able to launch ai controlled drones that shoot mid powered beam lasers main weapons are twin guns that are in both arms ( kind of like the super battle droids in star wars ) that can be fired single burst or rapid fire melee weapon is a big chain sword about the size of the sword mace the first barbatos lupus has

as with all my oc's if you guys are looking for a oc gundam mech ill let you guys use this one

ff14 oc
name shadow blackfang
race xaela au ra
gender male
height max
skin color light tan skin
tail shape/length option 2/max length
hair style/color top row middle right hair/color black with crimson red highlights
face top right option
jaw type 3
eye shape type 3
iris size large
eye color black with red limbal ring color
eyebrows type 5
scales all options
voice type 5
jobs samurai/dark knight/gunbreaker/black mage

this is my oc ff14 cac if anyone wants to do a ff14 fanfiction story privite message me and we can talk about back story and how the story can progress so you guys can use my oc for it as for the paring for my big guy well to me its ether yugiri or y'shtola or both if anyone into one guy x two girls type pairing

i used to have a transformers oc on this but i had took it off awhile ago

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