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DISCLAIMER I do not own any of series I get my inspiration from. All stories, characters, and worlds I write stories for belong to their respected owners. I do not gain any profit from writing random shit for hours on end. This includes but, not limited to; Fairy Tail.

Hey! I'm AngelStrikeX

I'm mostly an anywhere type of author, meaning I write stories (only for Fairy Tail at this point) in any scenario, world, year, genre, etc.

Any type pretty much. Deal with it.

I hope you enjoy my stories, that's all I have to say pretty much.

Man I'm boring.

Maybe I should do things with my life, instead of smashing my head into a keyboard each waking moment of the day.

Basic Info About Me

Location: Canada

Real Name: Not telling *evil laugh* but just call me Angel

Age: Your only as old as you feel, so I guess I'm 3

Gender: Female

Birthday: June 7

Fav. Food: Pasta

Fav. Colours: Blue, Green, and Purple

Fav. Book(novel): Angel Fall series

Fav. Movie: Howls Moving Castle

Fav. Animes: Fairy Tail, One Piece and No Game No Life

Fav. Manga's: Fairy Tail and Gakuen Alice

Fav. Songs: Currently Ready to Fight, Fight Song, Carnivore, City, Not Strong Enough, and Twist and Shout

Fav. Artists: AC/DC, Panic! At The Disco, Kradness, Hollywood Undead, Starset, Falling in Reverse, Apocalyptica, and Starbomb (GameGrumps)

Fav. Youtubers: GameGrumps and Markiplier (GO CHECK THEM OUT)

Fav. Animal: Penguins and Dragons

Hobbies/Interests: Drawing, playing games, reading and writing

Fav. Games: Tales of Xilia, Kindom Hearts, Corpse Party, Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, and Yokai Watch

Dream: To become a famous author and manga artist

Tumblr: https:///blog/angelstrikex

Deviantart: http://


My Fanfictions:

Tears From The Star Goddess

NOTE: I re-wrote this story! So look for the one with (Re-Written) in the title

When Lucy was running late for class, she runs into an mysterious man with pink hair and a blue cat that say their wizards and are here to bring her to her home world where her mother lives. What are these people talking about? Lucy remembers her mother dying. So, follow Lucy as she discovers things she didn't think exist and reunites with her loved ones.

How I Thought of This Story:

I was reading about 5-6 different fanfictions that are really well done, which inspired me to try and write my own story. Reading the stories gave me many ideas for a story, that became this story and I am very thankful to them. Also, this will probably be my longest story I write, I'm planning making this story really long.

Other Info:

Rated T for violence and rude language First story so it will be suckish, but please bare with it please Nalu fanfiction First person perspective Complete

Money Can Be Suffocating

After Fairy Tail defeats Phantom Lord, everyone and everything goes back to normal. All the guilds members begin to rebuild, while celebrating in joy. Except one particular member, Lucy Heartfilia still feels that the whole ordeal is her fault. So she decides to confront her father, but what if unlike the anime, Lucy never leaves her fathers mansion. (From episode 29)

How I Thought of This Story:

I was chatting with my older brother about Fairy Tail, while reading a fanfiction at the same time that involved Lucy being trapped in a cage becuase of her disability by her father, Jude Heartfilia. That's when I began thinking of the episode where Lucy returns to her old house to confront her fathers about controlling her life and then returns to Fairy Tail (episode 29), and it hit me. What if when she tries to leave, security guards capture her and imprisson her in the house so Jude can have complete control. (Also the fanfiction I was talking about is called 'the escape' by 'thebeastslayer' go check her out I love her stories)

Other Info:

Rated M for violence, rude language and sexual actions Second story I've written Nalu fanfiction Third person perspective

Loving the Wrong Person

Natsu is assigned a seven year long mission. Just when he was about to leave Lucy tells him a secret, but before he could respond to this secret the train takes off. Finally, after seven long years of waiting to see his beloved guild again and to finally see Lucy. Natsu can now answer her secret or so he thought, because when he returns he sees Lucy kissing a strange man.

How I Thought of This Story:

I just began to read another amazing fanfiction where Natsu and Happy leave for a long time and return to see Lucy with a son. Now this isn't the only way I thought of this, it just helped push me to try and write the story. I thought of this story idea long before I read their fanfiction (just in case you think I'm trying to steal it, which I'm not). Actually, I was reading a few months ago the arc (DONT READ IT YOU DON'T WANT SPOILERS TO ONE IF THE FAIRY TAIL ARC'S IN THE MANGA) where after Natsu and happy leave for a year, Fairy Tail disbands. So Lucy moves to try and find them. When she is at the next Grand Magic Games Natsu bursts into the arena with longer hair and happy telling Lucy he's back. He starts living with her and finds out Fairy Tails gone and she is trying to find it. While reading this I thought 'Hmmm, what if Natsu came back to Lucy to find out she had a child and that she didn't know the father because she was taken advantage of which later leads to Natsu and Lucy taking take of the child and finding out more about Lucy's child unknown father.' But I scraped that until now when I read this new fanfiction and thought 'Maybe I will try my story idea but get ride of the child and instead add a man that was supposed to take advantage of Lucy.' Though I might do the one with the Grand Magic Games Later on... (Also the fanfiction I was talking about is called 'Protectong Dragons' by 'lilmissshorte1' go check her out I love her stories)

Other Info:

Rated M for violence, rude language and sexual content Third fanfiction I've written Nalu fanfiction Third person perspective

Re-Written Tears From The Star Goddess

Lucy wakes up from yet another nightmare she's been having since her mother passed away. Usually, she would take a shower and go back to bed, but this time she meets a mysterious man and blue cat after waking up, forcing her to chase after them when the man steels the rusty old keys, her mother left her. (Re-written version of Tears From The Star Goddess)

How I Thought of This Story:

So, pretty much, I was reading little five different stories at once, again, really admiring they writing and story ideas, when I began to think about my first fanfic and how shitty it is compared to theirs and my current writting style. It really pissed me off and made me feel really bad you guys (that did read it first) had to read something like that, I already was going to re-write it, but much later so I decided that why not do it now, and I did.

Other Info:

Rated M for violence, rude language, and sexual content First person perspective Nalu fanfiction Fourth fanfiction I've written

A Stars Charm

Lucy's a stripper at one of the most popular strip clubs in Magnolia, and almost every man that went there wanted to get in her pants, sometimes even women. She didn't particularly like her job, but it paid, so who gives a shit. But, what happens when one of the most dangerous mafia leaders, Natsu Dragneel comes into the picture?

How I Thought of This Story:

So, to keep it brief. I basically was reading two different mafia related Fairy Tail stories and really liked them, and I wanted to write one too, but couldn't think of an original story, until now. A big help was a song I was listening to, and looked up the lyrics for various reasons, wanting to sing along when I listen to it, just for fun, because I was bored, you pick it. Anyway, the lyrics really sounded cool and is what gave me an idea for a mafia related Fairy Tail story. (The stories I was referring to are called Soft Storm by Lovex1 and The ultimate gang, friends, and partners by gigglebelly101. Also the song is called Brains Out by Kim Cesarion)

Other Info:

Rated M for violence, rude langage, and sexual content First person perspective Nalu Fanfiction Fifth fanfiction I've written

Orphan Boy

This is a story about an orphaned boy, who came across blue cat, that said, "I can help you make money, I only need a sack and boots." With nothing to his name or any family, the orphan boy agreed to letting the cat help him. And so begun the story of how Natsu Dragneel, met the young princess, Lucy Heartfilia.

How I Though of This Story:

I've been reading some of the omake's for the Fairy Tail manga, (if you didn't know, there pretty much the side stories that happens in between arcs, like the where Lucy gets sick and Natsu digs up the rainbow tree for her) and I came across one that's not in the anime yet. It's by far my favourite. So, it's just like the summary tells you, Natsu's an orphan and Happy saves the day, also Lucy's a princess. It's ends hilariously, but I thought it could have been more romantic, but that's not how Hiro Mashima rolls. But, that is how I roll, so I though of making my own ending or even story line to it, and here it is. It follows the chapter pretty accurately, but with a few twists and my own ending, also the story if obviously spread out more.

Other Info:

Rated T for violence and rude language third person perspective Nalu fanfiction sixth Fanfiction I've written

Addicting Kiler

Lucy moves back home to Magnolia after years of missing it because of her fathers work, forcing her to move away. But, now as Lucy's about to enter university, she decides to move back home to attend Fairy Tail UN and reunit with her old friends. Though she better watch her back because the news says there's a kidnapper on the loose and for some reason Lucy feels like she's being followed ever since she came back home.

How I Though of This Story:

I was listening to one of my favourite songs a couple hours ago, to keep the secret of the story hidden I won't tell you what it is. But, just read the story and I'll add the song in on of my authors notes if you're curious, only after the secrets exposed though. Obviously. So, I listened to it a few times while drawing (a blue fist if you must know) and I started thinking about Nalu fan art and how I really want to draw some, then my though process went from there and I ended up thinking about various Nalu fanfics. Eventually I the song I was listening too and thinking of fanfics, kind of combined and the idea of this story just poped into my head.

Other Info:

Rate M for violence, rude language, and sexual content Third person perspective Nalu Fanfiction Seventh fanfiction I've written

Dragons Treasure

Lucy's a princess that's about to be wed to some far off kingdom, too prevent a war from breaking out between the lands. But, even if she's unhappy about it, she must do her duty as a princess and protect her people. That is until a dragon, that has been terrorizing the country for over 400 years, steals Lucy and brings her back to his cave, claiming her as his treasure. Now, Lucy must escape to protect her kingdom from war.

How I Thought of This Story:

It was pretty quick how i thought if it, honestly. I was on Facebook and seen fan art of Natsu and Lucy, where Natsu is a dragon and Lucy is a princess, lying on a bed that's on top of treasure. Meaning she's his treasure. After staring at it for longer than normal, being a creep and all, it kind of just popped into my head. There a new story.

Other Info:

Rated T for violence and rude language First person perspective Nalu fanfiction Eighth fanfiction I've written

Vampire's Toy

Lucy's been warned all her life not to enter the woods outside her village. One night she hears screaming coming from them, she takes action. But, instead of finding an injured child, she's face to face with vampires, that kidnap her.

How I Thought of This Story:

I was writing a new story when I began to drift off topic for the story and thing of ideas for Natsu being a demonic monster instead of a normal human. And I was like, 'no, I can't make him a vampire, he's suppose to be a human with no magical powers.' So, instead of changing the whole story plot, I made a new story, where Natsu can be a vampire and I really was wanted Lucy to get kidnapped for some reason, which is why she does in this story.

Other Info:

Rated M for violence, rude language and sexual content (rape involved) Third person perspective Nalu Fanfiction Ninth fanfiction I've written

Authors Note:

If you enjoy reading my stories for some damn reason and have any good or bad comments or have any thing you think needs improving, cause my stories always need that or just want to comment on it for whatever weird reason you like, I know you're there, you weirdo's, PLEASE do so, I really want to read what you have to say.

I want to know if you guys like it or not, it will really help me.

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