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What can I say. I'm a guy that hit half century mark recently, worked on offshore boats for 1/4 century, and basically all I can do anymore for fun is Reading, body just wore out over the years, cumulative damage from WAY too many bangs, crashes, bruising. I don't judge others when they write a story if there are spelling/punctuation errors (they are Braver than I am to even TRY) if a story is Good, I enjoy it. If I don't like it, I just bow off and leave. I tried a few times to write me own, but even I HATED them, couldna entertain a Toddler, much less anyone Older, so discarded them. Who knows, if I get encouraged enough by what I read what/how others do, heck, I might just try again ... Someday. I have pretty muchhonestly HUNDREDS of ideas, butcan't
even get past a Basic Outline wit ou
gittn tangles that even Alexander the Great wita THOUSAND swords couldna deal wit! Anyone Want some of them, let me Know, maybe Then I can sleep more than an hour or two a day.

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