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DPaSW Current Status!

2020 was one hell of a year. I hope you're all safe and winning. Myself, I got one whole chapter written (58 - 22,000 words) and am currently half way through another (59 - 13,000 words). I've decided that since we're coming up to the end of the book, and since it's been so long since the last published chapter, I'm going to hold off on publishing these on the public platforms until I have all the chapters until the end of the book (around another three chapters to go.) At the same time, I'm going to continue to publish minor updates to the LeadVonE discord server, and the full chapters to the new DPaSW website [dpasw (dot) com]. This way, people can choose how they want to experience the rest of the story:

1. In little chunks once or twice a week (discord).

2. In full chapters after they've been fully edited (DPaSW website)

or 3. all at once, on a regular schedule once a week or fortnight (ff net and ao3)

If this works out, I'll probably continue using the same strategy for future books, along with a more streamlined plot and shorter chapters. Book three at over 400,000 words (will be around 500,000 once we're done) almost killed DPaSW and I have no intention of letting that happen again.

My Personal Website and the DP&SW Audio Book

For more information about Dodging Prison and Stealing Witches, including update schedules, author insights, the DP&SW Audio Book, as well as information about my original fantasy projects, and how you can help support said projects, head on over to:

[www (dot) LeadVonE (dot) com]

Twitch Streaming for Writers

I occasionally stream the editing for my works. You can be alerted when I go live by going to my Twitch stream page and hitting the follow button!

[www (dot) twitch (dot) tv (slash) LeadVonE]


A bunch of readers got together and set up a fan-run discord server for all things LeadVonE. I also post updates there before they go live elsewhere. Check it out. It's kinda awesome.

[www (dot) discord (dot) me (slash) LeadVonE]

Other Social Media

I also maintain a twitter account, which feeds the basic updates for my work and occasionally hosts the odd question from a reader — Follow me on Twitter.

Translation Projects

Current Translation Projects:

Russian — Helen Sergeeva — [www (dot) fanfics (dot) me / fic133819]

Russian — Helen Sergeeva — [www (dot) ficbook (dot) net / readfic / 7063671]

A couple of people have expressed interest in working on translations of Dodging Prison and Stealing Witches.

Please publish your translations of DP&SW under your own fanfic names, but give credit at the start of each chapter to the original fic (a link to my personal website would be preferred). I'll link any translation project that completes any one of the DP&SW books from my profile page and at the start of DP&SW itself (until there are too many), so long as the translation quality is at a 'reasonable level'.

If you're seriously considering doing this, then you're insane, but I wish you the best of luck! :)

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