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I will mostly wright Percy Jackson fanfics maybe with a few other story fics. But i'm not sure.

I like...

-horses, dogs, and almost any animal you can think of, exep for black and whight house cats.(only when they have three black harts on them though. my cat does. she's a very mean little cat.)

-reading Percy fanfics.

-riding horses.


-hanging with freinds.


-taking tests online, mostly fun tests not school tests.

-waching "the phantom of the opra".



-waching movies.

I don't like...

-my brother.



-my ticklishness.

-girly things.

-short shorts.



-cursing, but i have been known to use it.

-missing school.


Just so you know i'm a girl but my friends see me as a tom boy. I agree with them. I like alot of the same things as boys. (exepet those perverted ones out there, i'm nothing like them.) I also have a storng sence of determinaishon and perfechen. Almost fergot 21 quizzes say i'm a dauter of Athena, 1 says Poseiden, and 1 Hades.

favorite Movies/cartoons

•Huntick seakers and secrets

•Percy Jackson


•The Flash



favorite books

•Percy Jackson and the The Olympians

•Percy Jackson and the heroes of Olympus

•Spirit Animals

•Goddess Girls

•Wings of Fire

favorite songs

•unwell by Mach box 20

•I need your love by shaggy

•radioactive by imagine dragon

•Scarborough fair by Celtic woman

favorite fan users:

1. demigoddesschildofapollo

2. Lycaon1096

3. PerseusAchillesTheseusJackson

4. wielderofriptide

5. Anaklusmos14

6. PJoHoOFan

Someone out there either has too much spare time, or is really good at Scrabble.

DORMITORY: When you rearrange the letters: DIRTY ROOM

PRESBYTERIAN: When you rearrange the letters: BEST IN PRAYER

ASTRONOMER: When you rearrange the letters: MOON STARER

DESPERATION: When you rearrange the letters: A ROPE ENDS IT

THE EYES: When you rearrange the letters: THEY SEE

GEORGE BUSH: When you rearrange the letters: HE BUGS GORE

THE MORSE CODE : When you rearrange the letters: HERE COME DOTS

SLOT MACHINES: When you rearrange the letters: CASH LOST IN ME

ANIMOSITY: When you rearrange the letters: IS NO AMITY

ELECTION - RESULTS: When you rearrange the letters: LIES - LET'S RECOUNT

SNOOZE ALARMS: When you rearrange the letters: ALAS! NO MORE Z 'S

A DECIMAL POINT: When you rearrange the letters: IM A DOT IN PLACE

THE EARTHQUAKES: When you rearrange the letters: THAT QUEER SHAKE

ELEVEN PLUS TWO: When you rearrange the letters: TWELVE PLUS ONE

I love to wright songs but I have yet to wright them down and come up with the notes. I don't even know how to read notes for singing. Violin I used to.

The Percy Jackson pledge:
I promise to remember Percy
whenever I'm at sea
I promise to remember Annabeth
whenever a spider comes at me
I promise to protect nature
for Grover's sake of course
I promise to remember Luke
when my heart fills with remorse
I promise to remember Chiron
whenever I see a sign that says ''free pony ride''
I promise to remember Tyson
whenever a friend says they'll stick by my side
I promise to remember Thalia
whenever a friend is scared of heights
I promise to remember Clarisse
whenever I see someone that gives me a fright
I promise to remember Bianca
whenever I see a sister scold her younger brother
I promise to remember Nico
whenever I see someone who doesn't get along with others
I promise to remember Zoe
whenever I watch the stars
I promise to remember Rachel
whenever a limo passes my car.
yes I promise to remember PJO
wherever I may go

I recently learned I'm a bit dark. Well I achily though that I was for quite a while.

I also have taken some quizzes and it seems that...

  1. In a past life I was George Washington.
  2. The season I'm closest to is fall. (I was born in the summer. )
  3. My inner eye is purple.
  4. I'm an old soul.
  5. My animal form is a Komodo dragon.
  6. My spirit animal is a deer.
  7. I am yang.
  8. I have the power of prophecy.
  9. I have the mutant power of molecular manipulation.
  10. My lucky symbol is Tao.
  11. My Dr.Who character is the eleventh doctor.

my other character is an ood.

12. My hidden mythical species is apparently a hidden guardian.

Great stories :

webwever by: PJoHoOFan. This story has inspired me. So once I finish 'the wolf in the hero' I'll try to wright something like this amazing story. And I'd highly encourage any one that likes hacker stories to read this. This totally makes it the top of some things I read. But most stories I read are amazing as well. But I can't wait for the next chapter.

I would like to thank demigoddesschildofapollo for being my beta for so many chapters now. and I hope that she had fun with the twists and terns I put in the story. so thank you for all you have done my friend, thank you.

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