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Yo, my name is Deku S. Dante and I'm just your average everyday writer who forgets to publish/write anything. Yet when I do publish anything its mainly either complete or one chapter away from completion. If you must know I also have an account on both Wattpad and Archive of Our Own. Now no you don't really need to check them out since I publish the same stories on each of them. If by chance I don't do this I promise to tell you. Anyway on to the 2018 list of stories or ect I will most likely write a story about...

Naruto- Dude Naruto is basically my whole childhood and now Boruto is my adult...hood Final Fantasy Vll [7] & Crisis Core- Its a sin not to at this point Final Fantasy VX [15]-Would do 13 but not really into the story like I am with FFXV which is my current obsession...major Nyx fan X3 Avengers- Another form of my childhood...seen every freaking movie!! It (2017)- Another one of my faves although I refuse to write any 'smut' about them of any kind...they are kids

There are a number of others but at the moment I am mainly focusing on these. Sure there will be cross-overs

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