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things i find annoying when someone make a crossover with naruto has a baby(let's use DC super heroes) and they make some random family in the U.S find him or something and they give him the name NARUTO, what the hells with that can't you guys/girls make a story look at superman his name is Kal-El but when his family on Earth found him they weren't like hay let's name this kid Kal of the house of El NO they named him Clark MOTHERFUCKING Kent, and the only story i found that at lest tried to change naruto's name was the fict brother of a different kind that was a narutoXmarvel crossover. What i'm trying to say is when making a story like that even if you don't give him the name naruto he could always find his true name later in the story. another thing i find annoying is when authors try to make the MC weak just to fit the story, why pick a strong MC for a story if your just going to nurf him, that doesn't make a story better it just shows you have no skills as an author to be able to fit said strong MC in to your story without making it feel boring.

last but not lest this is FANFICTION people NOT canon if other people want canon point them to the anime or manga.

can someone look up the word Kami i'm sure it means Gods as in more then one god.


All stores up for adaption, just PM me if your up for it. (I can't write anymore because of my job taking up most of my time)

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