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Courtney Ellody PM
Joined May '15 name is Courtney...and I luv TD...but most importantly I luv Duncney...

I am also on Quiz Up as Courtney plz play and chat me if u like... if u would like me to follow u, just ask...

Also plz PM me... I luv to talk to other people so if I send u something in the middle of the night or something I am sorry...

And a side note: I may not b writing some stories so soon cuz I have just joined so don't get mad...I need some time to figure out what to wright...

And also I don't really know how to do stuff on here so if u would like u could help but u don't haft to...

This is the last thing...plz also PM me on some ides that I could do... ( mostly about Total Drama)

PS...if u read all this thank u and I am very surprised... I like to overdo things so just thanks...I'll stop typing now


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