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I hate when other people report on a lemon scene in a story, first if u r not "mature" enough to read it then leave. what's next reporting battle scenes because they are to "violent", what about "romantic" such as kissing or hugging because its "not" allowed on this site. WTF!! that's why some authors post "M" for a reason. There is a reason why this site is call "Fan"fiction for a reason,... even though some authors ship certain chars together, for exp. sasuke Uchiha with a fem kyuubi…. -_- WTF!!! anyway, its just annoying that that some people are being "tattle tails" because they cant handle a lemon scene or what not. I really cant say much, cause am not a author, but I am mostly certain that 99.9% people on this site agree, well not 99% more like 95%, anyway enough ranting. this is just my thoughts on people reporting on things. pm me is u agree with my rant. have a nice day :)

this is for those so called "rule" followers. they pretty much want fanfiction.net to be K-T only, not MA... please tell me how that works for stories written based on books, animes, and video games that are 18 and up? for example the anime Hellsing, which is one of my favorite animes, anyway Hellsing "IS NOT" for kids is bloody and gory, so you rule followers or reporters how "would" you write a "kid" friendly fanfiction based on Hellsing? saying that all of the so called "blood" is ketchup? or body parts are from a piñata? what about a fanfiction based on God of War? its because of you tattle tails that one of my real friend lost his account and stories, the reason wasn't because of lemons it was of the so called "detailed violence" the story was based on one the greatest books of all time Sun Tzu's Art of War. it was a detailed story about Sun's strategies and my friend wrote battle scenes based on them. surprise surprise he lost his account and stories. to add insult to injury he died in Iraq a week after his account was deleted. so yes i hate tattle tails on this site. this site was built for fun and enjoying stories from fans. if you cant handle a stories with lemons or detailed battle scenes then leave.

and before you say "its" against the rules, let me remind you the owner or owners of this site doesn't have time to waste on stories with lemons or detailed battles. even if he or she does have the time, they are most likely not going to be so naïve about said stories like you tattle tails. and if they were this site wouldn't lasted this long. so do us "true" fans of fanfiction a favor or favors and let us enjoy the authors stories that they spent their own personal time on. report me if you dare. and if you do report me for saying this, then you are just proving my point. SO COME AT ME BRO!!!

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