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Greetings Friends!

BeautifulSamurai here. You can call me Bea-chan (pronounced "be-uh") though! Welcome to my page :)

I have been part of the fanfic community for quite some time ~ so I figured that I might as well add some details about myself. I haven’t written any fics myself (unless one-shots in my imagination count? Hmmm), however, I am a voracious reader and I am so grateful to the wonderful writers who generously (and bravely) share their imaginations with us fellow fans on here. Thank you, you fabulous writers!!!

Age: late 20's.

Country: USA (Currently New York though originally from California)

Zodiac: Virgo

INFP & 4x3

Romance is my great love here!! However, I also love fantasy, adventure, & supernatural genres and angst that pushes character development in clever and relatably human ways. I love characters that inspire and uplift me but they must be well-rounded and deep ;)

Favorite Fandoms: Fairy Tail, Harry Potter, Inuyasha, and Miraculous Ladybug. I also love loads of other manga, anime, webtoons, & comic-book series but not all of them have fandoms on here. I also enjoy Rurouni Kenshin, Fruits Basket, Sailor Moon (my intro into anime), Princess Jellyfish, the Lord of the Rings, etc.

~~~~Favorite Pairings ~~~~~

Fairy Tail:

NaLu ~ love them sooo much!! My current obsession! Which is kind of obvious in favorites below haha

Harry Potter:

Dramione~ I ship them so hard. Especially when they get together post-Hogwarts and work together.

Miraculous Ladybug:

MariChat ~ aka MariAdrien

...I do have a soft spot for Luka though!! He's so perceptive and kind to Mari.


SeshKag ~ my favorite. They are so *soulful* together.

InuKag ~ Classic but good.

SeshRin ~ (when Rin is an adult of course :p)

I love talking about my fandoms and romance-ships, so feel free to msg me if you want a friend to chat with!! Spread the love!! :D None of my friends are interested in my fandoms so it would be sooo nice to make some friends online who are!! lol If you've finished reading all this, I wish whomever you are a wonderful rest of your day :D

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