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That last Bio was sucky any-wayz, HI!

Name; wouldn't you like to know!

Age; 17 and loving it!

App; 5'5, blue eyes, red hair, and a great personality!

Pets; I have 5 cats and soon to be 7! (my dad's getting married again)

Anyway, that should be about it...oh wait...Mother would kill me if she found out that I left her little saying out. Well it's not a saying and she's not my mother (thats just a nick name!)
I have friends in high places and they will smack you if you don't review!

Okay so thats about it now! leave you laughing I'll just say this;

Okay picture Inuyasha, (and if you don't know who that is tuff cookies!) anywayz, picture him standing in front of Kagome, (Okay if you want you can have him in front of you), so he's standing there in a regular tee shirt. So music starts to play and Inuyasha breaks into song, "I'm to sexy for my shirt, to sexy for my shirt..." LOL!

Okay that's enought fun on Inuyasha!

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