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I know I haven't updated in a while, but I have this HUGE chapter for IOG, but I haven't finished writing it (not counting the surprise I have for you guys when it is finally published), but COVID has really just made me feel really emotionally blah these days. It took an entire year for me to feel like I'm energized enough to use my fingers to write again instead of just thinking and playing epic future story scenes in my head. Good news, though, is that KSO has a new chapter in the works! And so does KIT! So, hang tight for those! These babies were my plans long before quarantine, and I'd wanted to do a fun Summertime update spree, but, yk. Stuff... _

Name: I'm not ofreakingkay; or just Val, I don't mind.

Age: old enough to pursue a degree.

Aspirations: besides writing stories and creating art, I'd like to be an intellectual property lawyer.

Favorite things: artsy stuff, sleeping, studying, working out, playing video games, the violin, piano, the universe, university, reading, writing, and the colors blue and purple. I love it when people can express themselves and feel free to let lose. I love it when they don't feel the need to lie to both the people around them or themselves, and that they are enjoying their lives how they want, when they want, whenever they want. I've grown fond of the LGBTQIA community (tho I'm not part of it myself) because they've found their voice, are moving forward, and are moving mountains in the right direction on how society functions. To me, they're glowing examples of what can happen to those who never give up or fall under an insurmountable pressure (*cheering for #BLM in the background* "You can do it! Don't give up!"). I love feeling comfortable in my own skin, even when I'm not at my best. I'm just me, and I can do whatever I want with myself at any time because I trust and know myself best.

Least favorite things: I try not to dislike many things without really getting into them myself, but I do dislike dishonesty, a lack of compassion, and systematic oppression (not just racism, but also misogyny and other issues that are so ingrained in society that people have trouble realizing that they are, in fact, real problems). Ignorance plays a large part in social issues, and a lack of proper education really does stress me because, at the end of the day, it's not the ignorant person's fault that they're ignorant. People can be "trained" from a young age to think a certain way and everyone has to understand that there is a root to every issue that should not be treated with contempt, but fixed with logic and sound reasoning. You can't learn about something you don't know exists or even understand because you simple don't know about it. If it's not a teenager's fault when they don't understand self-control if the people around them didn't teach them, then adults are not exempt from this. Age does not equal wisdom, and experience doesn't mean people learn. I think everyone (even the social "bad guys") should be considered, understood, and have the freedom to be feel like their true selves around everyone, but there is too much judgment and negativity/toxic-positivity in the world for true comfort to be fully realized. No one is comfortable being put down, but no one just wakes up in the morning to decide that they'll fuck up a person's life just because. There's a root to everything, and that's why we need to be compassionate. We need to understand those reasons to actually give reasonable judgements. Not that we really even have the right to judge people in their character when we are not perfect ourselves.

Published stories:

Written In the Stars (In progress)

Kyriarchía Isorropía Tou (Versions 1 and 2) (Both in progress)

Kakutoku Shita Omoide (In progress)

Illusions of Grandeur (previously Thlíspi) (In progress)

Important information to take into consideration (Heh, that rhymed!)

It has come to my attention that I haven't updated in a while. Well, since I'm still an active student in my school who wishes to get into a good college or university, I'm (quite unfortunately) very busy. The colleges that I'm looking to attend have high GPA, ACT, and SAT scores, so I will have to take most of my time off writing my stories so that I can maintain my grades. However, the reason for this message is not to illude you into thinking that I'm abandoning my stories (Heck to the NO!). Instead, I will only take longer to update. I never had a set schedule, and am crap at following them anyway, so I can't even imagine how difficult it will be for me to stay on a set date with my current situation. As a result, I'll just have to resort to less than preferable methods: writing ideas in my school notebook on the back part of the page I refuse to write on and writing in it. o(﹏)o. Then, I'll just have to pretend I'm taking longer to do my finished work in English class as a means to type these ideas into my stories. This will be very interesting. I wonder what my English teacher will do if I were to get caught...probably critique...then berate me for not turning in my finished work when it was finished. Oh well. Also, It'll help me keep an unbiased mind while writing. Since I'm pretty much taking time off of writing the stories, I'll have a fresh opinion of what I'm writing and won't keep myself from criticizing and critiquing my work.

Update (6/18/18)

It has come to my attention while rereading my story Illusion of Grandeur, that I may have deviated from the original plotline that I'd come up for the story, so I'll be seeing to it that that blunder of mine is corrected. I don't know what came over me to attach Richard because that was not the plan at all (at least not so soon!), so I'm rewriting chapters 2 and on to realign my story, and set it back in the direction it was supposed to go in the first place (because, honestly, Percy's reaction to the tree-door was poorly done and has ruined the plan I had for his character). So, I will be rewriting the chapters that need to be rewritten, and probably take a look at my other stories while I'm at it (It's been a while, hasn't it?).

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