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Hey there.

I'm simply browsing around at the moment, searching for quality fan fictions in the ocean of (my apologies) crap that is floating around.

The number of fan fictions that fail to maintain consistency in grammar and proper usage of words/vocabulary, in all honesty, make me sick.

Poorly crafted or planned fan fictions - ones that rush too much, or in rarer cases, drag on for too long - I abhor.

People who think that they can became popular or well - known in this site and only have a minimal skill in English are dutifully mistaken.

I repeat again; few are the times where there are fan fictions where information, plot, vocabulary and grammar are perfectly balanced/reached to their optimum.

I am still disgusted at how many people make such half - baked efforts at such pieces. This place follows the motto;

"Unleash your imagination."

Although you might have tried exploring your imagination to write said pieces, the lack of consistency and fluency in the language makes me puke.

This is a place to show your skills, an emporium of well - crafted creative pieces; not a playground, where anything goes.

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