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Joined May '15

(ノ'ヮ')ノ:・゚About My "Wonderful" Self:

1. I am awesome ~('ヮ'~)

2. I am an HUGE otaku (anime fan)

3. I am a gamer

4. Nalu (Natsu x Lucy from Fairy Tail) shipper all the way

(My OTP!!) ・゚.・゚\(*'‿'* \)

5. Nali (Nastu x Lisanna) shippers better stay away if within a 5 meter

range I will grab my rifle and shoot you down until you are dead then

get my gun and then kill you again then grab my rocket launcher and

blow you up!(/ ' 0')/︵( .o.) Don't think u can run or hide!

I will find u... (ಠ_ಠ) ︵ヽ('Д' )ノ︵

6. Love sushi and onigiri (っ'ڡ'ς)

7. My name is...

8. I live over the rainbow

9. My awesome rate is over 9000

10. My age: guess it is between 1 - 100 (plz don't think I am 100) (,一_一)

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