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Well, My name is Moira and I've actually been into fanfiction since around 2001, being launched by Naruto and Harry Potter. I actually have another account, but not for writing, only for alerts and favorites as it is a shared account from many years ago.

I may be slow at posting as I am first and foremost a historian and student. I am approaching my senior year which warrants more than a little extra studying.

To tell about myself, I enjoy school despite the stress that ends up radiating off of it. I'm also a big football fan, Spain and France being my two favorite teams (I won't go into clubs). I read and I draw. I have been into anime for a very long time and am trying to move away from it. You can see how well that's working out.

As for fanfiction tastes, I enjoy period AU as well as crossovers, though both seem difficult to find. I'm not opposed to slash/yaoi, quite the opposite really. I don't like illogical pairings, especially in Harry Potter and mpregs completely cross the imaginary line for me. As does bondage and bad grammar and spelling. Truthfully, I'm not always opposed to Mary-Sues as long as they're not OCs or in Yaoi/Slash pairings.

My favorite pairings are:

Harry Potter: Canon!: except for Sirius/Remus

Gundam Wing: 1x2, 3x4: though i thoroughly enjoy just friendships.

Bleach: Anything goes really...as long as it is, again, not illogical

Firefly: Canon!

Gokusen: ShinxYankumi

That's really all I read currently in the fanfiction, and all that will probably be in my favorites or writing.


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