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I'm totally obsessed with Harry Potter, Hunger Games, Divergent and the Gone series.

Ships I support:

Harry Potter- Ron/Hermione, Harry/Ginny, Albus/Minerva, Molly/Arthur and Remus/Tonks

Hunger Games- Annie/Finnack, Katniss/Peeta

Divergent- Tris/Four

Gone- Astrid/Sam, Caine/Diana, Edilio/Roger

My favourite characters are:

Harry Potter- Hermione, Ron, Mrs Weasley, Professor McGonagall, Tonks and Remus

Hunger Games- Peeta, Haymitch, Finnack, Johanna

Divergent- Four, Kristina, Cara

Gone- Sam, Astrid, Diana, Edilio, Little Pete

My fanfictions:

Waiting and Hoping- Yay i finished this! I really enjoyed writing this story thanks for the reviews

Shades of Grey-This is a finished story featuring many of my favourite characters. Please read it and review! Sorry no sequel planned as yet

The Test of Time- This story is back but i'm writing it on my own now! This story will not be updated regularly as Journey to Words is my priority.

Words Universe

1) The Journey to Words- Completed story of Eliza Potter's silent journey through Hogwarts, full summary below. I have now edited this story, adding scenes, correcting mistakes and generally improving the writing! I have also removed the review feedback from the bottom (because I know it annoyed some of you).

New scenes in Philosopher's Stone include; Eliza and the Mirror of Erised, Mrs Weasley meeting the Dursleys.

New scenes in Chamber of Secrets include; More time with the Dursleys, Eliza meeting Hermione's parents, Lucius and Arthur's fight in the bookshop, More time with Neville, More time with Lockhart, McGonagall teaching Eliza how to make a wand wall, More references to Biscuit the cat (who I appeared to forget about in the original writing) and Eliza figuring out the Basilisk clue.

New scenes in Prisoner of Azkaban include; More time with the Dursleys, Hermione buying Crookshanks, Extended Dementor scene, Harry asking McGonagall about going to Hogsmeade, McGonagall giving Eliza a detention with Lupin, More time with Lupin, Eliza collecting chocolate frog cards, Snape covering Lupin's lesson, The Dementors at the Quidditch match, Lupin finding Eliza sleepwalking, Christmas Day- Eliza realising that Lupin is a werewolf, Extended scene- Sirius entering the common room, Harry showing Eliza the map, Eliza in Arithmancy, Eliza remembering Padfoot and an extended Shrieking Shack scene.

2) Courage to Words- The continuation of Journey to words, follows Eliza from the start of fourth year. I have now edited the entire story.

New scenes in Goblet of Fire include; more time at the Burrow, a Hogwarts Express encounter with everyone's favourite Ravenclaw, extended DADA Imperius lesson, Wand weighing ceremony, More time with Fred, Discovery of Gillyweed, Extended Hospital wing scene.

New scenes in OOTP; more time with Lupin, Eliza meets Tonks for the first time, more time with McGonagall, Ron and Hermione try to convince Eliza to report Umbridge.

3) Order From Words- Follows Eliza from the middle of 5th year to the end of DH. Whole story now edited!

New scenes in OOTP; Extended time in Surrey (during suspension) including confrontations with Remus and Arthur, Extended Occlumency lesson, Eliza and Hagrid discuss the interview, Eliza's first DADA lesson after suspension, Harry/Fred/George banned from Quidditch, Umbridge interrogates Eliza about DA, Fred and George leaving, Extended Umbridge interrogation.

New scenes in HBP; Eliza gets obsessed with the odds of survival, discussion about OWL results, Harry shows Eliza his Potions book, Extended scene with McGonagall when Eliza confesses her obsession with the odds, Extended Fred attack night, Odds conversation with Remus and Harry, Eliza struggles with Occlumency lessons, Fred and Eliza talk in the hospital wing, Extended Order meeting, Harry waits for news when Eliza runs off, Dumbledore and Harry talk about Eliza running off, Extended hospital wing scene, Harry and McGonagall talk after Dumbledore's death.

New scenes in DH; Harry and Eliza talk in the cupboard, Extended Fred and Arthur chat, Extended Fred and Remus chat, Extended Eliza and Remus chat, Snape's memories scene.

4) The First Christmas- A one-shot catching up with Eliza during the first Christmas after the final battle.

5) Simple complexity- Follows the next generation from the Words universe

New stories

The Other Weasley- A Molly Weasley (II) story about fitting in in the Weasley family. Dark/Angsty/Horror -FINISHED

The Deal- Post-war Lavender Brown Angsty fic. -FINISHED

The Protector- Sequel to The Deal Currently taking a writing break, please be patient!

Hidden Truth- An OC/Albus Potter angsty romance.

Hunger Games Universe

Against the Grain- Johanna Mason's progression through the books.

Gone Universe

FAYZ-plus-one -Looking at whether have one adult present during the FAYZ would have made any difference (hint- of course it would!)

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