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Well, this is my profile. It's kind of bland. So, I'll spice it up!

My name's Laura, I go by LB. Or just Laura, if you prefer. I write, I sing, I bake--I like creative things. My focus lately has been character one-shots--mainly for the reason they're 'one-and-done' type things--that way I don't leave anyone hanging.

So, on my stories: I'm currently writing a series of drabbles with my good friend AC (lifeislikeaboxofbertiebotts) based on the TV Show 'Chuck'. Now, hopefully if you're here, you're a Chuck fan, and my writings make you happy. In any case, that's really all I have to put on this--I'd rather my writings speak for themselves.

To see AC's 'Chuck versus the Chuckless Summer' drabbles with her main character AJ, check it out via her profile:

UPDATE: As of now, my Chuck stories are kind of of on hiatus. I'm currently in the middle of a cross-country move, and between that and a job and home life, which is a job within itself, I haven't had time to really dedicate myself to furthering the story--honestly, I've kind of hit a wall. I'm hoping after the move and I get settled in to jump start the Chuck writings. I'm sorry to all my readers--just know, it's not the end for Beth and Casey!


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