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Reasons for Ratings

M: In case things somehow ended up like that. Or precaution

T: When I know and set it up that way instead of M.

Random Thoughts

--Reading Fanfics Criteria--

Hungry: able to start and finish feeling satisfied

(Ex. no trouble reading through)

Willing: desire to engage the story

(Ex. pick a story and stick with it)

Denial: know when to back off

(Ex. even if reading various things, sometimes it makes you wanna drop)


Usually set as challenges, just imagining how it would occur.

Plot-wise does not have to be the same fandom, however, I do it on this fandom as since more inclined as such.


No reference to backup with so it has simple objectives.

--Naruto Team 7 Expectations--

Fanfiction: pretty much depends on how crazy or natural you are willing to go to bring haters or fangirls/boys to yourself.


Team 7: Buizel

Outside Konoha: Sceptile

Itachi: Charizard

Creator: Tobias

Hate(?)Fanfiction: Malamar...

Love(?)Fanfiction: Gary Oak...


Team 7: Ash or May

Inside Konoha: Giselle

Naruto: Pokemon League

Creator: Primeape

Hate(?)Fanfiction: Golbat...

Love(?)Fanfiction: Dawn... The reason being*shivers* Internet is a scary/strange place for the uninitiated.


Team 7: Pikachu

Training/Sage/Fox: Arceus

Family&Friends: Trainer Red

Creator: Team Rocket (you know which)

Hate(?)Fanfiction: Haunter/Barry/Brock

Love(?)Fanfiction: Pokemon Master (Pokegirl Master)


Team 7: Slaking

Ninja Career: Steven Stone

Guy: Cilan

Creator: Stoutland

Hate(?)Fanfiction: Alan

Love(?)Fanfiction: Hunter J... don't dis me for that.



We experience what we live

Things change once it passed

Emotion and memory makes a dive

Grasp or not it fails to outlast


-Following along for the ride

Its the only way to go away

Breaking a part of their pride

-When you go off the road

It is easy being a bi

Its stop being straight 'less goes high

-Why don't you get it

It never works

Once you tasted the rush

You never go back

-Together as one when you split apart

Never going back to fall upon

Once you tasted the rush

It goes beyond

-The State of excitement

Makes it okay

To leave 'em behind

From Tempest of Stellar War - 545

"A person who had lost his dignity could no longer be called a person.

Just this smile, even Rara Durai could see how sad but determined he was.

Wang Zheng's image disappeared

Beautiful bubbles although are like the fireworks of a moment.

All your promises although are too fragile

Love is like bubbles, if you can see through this, there is nothing to be sad about

No matter how beautiful the flower is, it will still wither after it blooms

No matter how bright the star is, it will still fall after it shines

Love is like bubbles, if you can see through this, there is nothing to be sad about

Why be sad? What is there to be sad about? Why be sad?

All are bubbles, like fireworks of a moment

All your promises are all too fragile

Yet your silhouette, I did not see through, so I have been so sad

Those in love cherish each other, how to search again

Embracing loneliness, could it be not lonely

Love is like bubbles, blame me for not seeing through this, so I have been so sad

The bubbles under the rain will burst with one touch

The passionate heart of that time already sank long ago……

Lin Huiyin was already crying uncontrollably."

From The Devil's Cage - 1036

In Kieran's point of view, Karles and Mark were strangers, strangers with names attached.

From A Common Criminal or Something - 43 - /u/1675369/College-Fool

Even if it may have been lie just to deceive just a half-truth intended to protect her, she can forgive that. If it was a half-truth then it was half-true, if it was half-true then it was half-right, and half a friend is an entire friend who just needs a little help to be whole again.

-Ruby Rose

From A Common Criminal or Something - 60 "Author Notes" - /u/1675369/College-Fool

The tale of a Common Criminal (or something) may be resolved, but stories like this never really end. There's just a point that the storyteller stops telling.

From DON'T ESCAPE 4 (Game) - The Mysticism of Dreams (Book)

Just like not understanding physics doesn't make it less real, the fact we don't fully comprehend dreams doesn't render them irrelevant.

From King of Gods - 812 - Heading Foward Together

“The two thieves have both dyed their hair purple… and they’ve become so much stronger!”

The expressions of some pursuers changed dramatically as they exclaimed.

Oh man, I just had to put this here.

The First Hunter - 88 - Hunting For Snakes Part II

“You’re certainly an expert in this part, and you figured out all the lines and plans of the other person—”

“Most of the assassination and kidnapping manuals used by the Korean Army are based on my reports.”

“… I’m glad you’re my boss.”

ISSTH - 432 - Because of Meeting You...

"You are a pill and I am a tree. The year you appeared before me… my life became more than just greenness.

I am a pill and you are a tree. The year I opened my eyes for the first time, I saw you and… my life was no longer lonely.

Sometimes, the meaning of an entire life can be only because of a chance meeting."

Assasin's Creed: Transcendence - 54 - u/7115633/DelayedInspiration

Grover's presence made the A-Team go to a B.

Funny to hear Luke's thoughts.

Cultivator Against Hero Society - 51 - Manga

"Who Remembers What Cultivation is For?"

... "That's Right, Compassion Is The First Criteria To Reach Immortality, We Shouldn't Be Aggressive. Although We Are Not Combative, It Doesn't Mean We Are Weak And Afraid Of Fighting. Usually We Don't Fight, But If You Want To Fight, Then Fight To The Death, Without Leaving Even A Breath To The Enemy. Compassion Is The Number One Criteria For Those Who Wants To Reach Immortality. But When It Comes To Fighting, Sneak Attack And Shamelessness Are Also The Number One Standards For Cultivators.

I, The Strongest Demon, Have Regained My Youth?! - 15 - Manga

Sure Enough, The Only Lesson That The People Of This World Can Learn From From History Is That... They Can't Learn Anything From History.

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