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Hello everyone I am The Return of the Enclave. I will not tell my real name because I have no idea who could be on here. I'm not the best speller, grammar or writer but once I make a story I sure finish my story. I have read stories for along time and will now I'm here making my own. Will to be truth full there is not a lot of thins about me. I live in the country side and will I do help the farms around doing all the dirty jobs. Like fixing something to pick up poop out of the crow and pig pines. Must of my time is must lye work to six am to when the jobs finished or in tell the sun is gone. Will I'm not good on computers so do get mad if I did not call or what ever it is. I do have trouble on making friends but most of the time I like being alone.

likes: watching TV , shooting my guns, dive around, mudding, listen to music, sleeping, fishing, hunting, and other stuff that have fun with it.

dislikes: to many thins and thins have no fun in them

Want TV shows I like is family guy, south pack, the boondocks, tosh.o, American dad, robot chicken and other show I can't remember there names.

I do a gear with Alphaandomega1997hardcore on this. Will sometimes I'm a asshole but it has to be something big to get me piss off. His post what I hate the most. I'm not really a hateful person but there is one thing I hate most on fanfiction and that's all the abandoned stories. If people know their not going to finish their stories then why write one? This is for the writers that don't tell his/her readers why their not continuing their story. Almost every story on fanfiction is always abandoned and it gets quite annoying too. If you know you're not going to complete a story then you shouldn't be a writer and you shouldn't attempt it and I know I'm not being nice right now but it's the truth and it gets annoying to have every story you like always being adandoned.

I have a question for every writer on fanfiction and the question is if you knew you weren't gonna complete a story then why did you make it? Stop being retards and atleast finish the story or let someone finish it for you.

I say that is a good point and any other one for people have bad spelling to grammar. If you finish a story it is far better than a story have the best spelling and grammar. To me I don't care if the story is the best on grammar, spelling and storyline but if it has no ending. Thin will it wrote is crappy if the bad spelling writer finish his/her story is the winner.

Do I dislike hates, trolls and other hate full people? No because everybody hates something to people to anything they dislike. Me I sometimes hate my self for not being the best on everything so if I fell like crap. I grab a can of beer and drink my pain away.

How do I feel about abortions will I say if you go around and fuck around and get knock up. Than you have to take care of the baby you got if you never what a baby will close those legs of yours. If the girl was raped will she should get a abortion who what's a rape baby. But at the end of the day its up to the girl her body her choice not the man the woman. After all it is the land of the free so she has the right to do so get used to it. So go ahead and rip that little shit out of you I won't care its up to her. She has the baby in her not the guy she does the how baby stuff. The only time a guy gives both is when he has a kidney stone.

Now about racism will if you don't like another person for color will they have the right after all. It is the land of the free so if you hate them for color, ugly, gay or some other than will do what you feel like. Me if the person is trying to stole or kick my ass than that's when I hate that person. Hate will never go away so get used to it, I call it the real would it has no rainbows and the other crap as people what.

Okay sometimes I do favors to posts for people but as long its not stupid. But a friend on fandom say I can post his grandfather's wise words. So here it is and hope it helps you. Don't let bullies get to you, for if they do they won half the battles. If you stand up peacefully you will win the war. By: Troy Groomes If you don't know him you should check him out his cool.

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