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Kris Senju PM
Joined Jun '15

Hi, I'm Kris Senju.

Age 17

I love Yaoi

I write Fanfiction and my own stories

Fandoms: PJo HBO, Harry Potter, Attack on Titan, Naruto, Fairy Tail

OTP:Jercy, Percabeth, Drarry, Levi/Eren, SasuNaru, GaaNeji, Grayatsu.

I Hate: Solangelo, Caleo

Other things: I will read almost everything and probably review almost every chapter since that's my habit.

Current works:

Secrets of Flames and Skulls: A valdangelo Fic.

The Rehabilitation Plan

My name on Archivr of our own:


obun = Foreword

Shô = Chapter

Ichi = One

Ni = Two

San = Three

Shi / Yon = Four

Go = Five

Roku = Six

Shichi / Nana = Seven

Hachi = Eight

Kyuu = Nine

Juu = Ten

JuuIchi = Eleven

JuuNi = Twelve

JuuSan = Thirteen

JuuShi = Fourteen

JuuGo = Fifteen

JuuRoku = Sixteen

JuuShichi = Seventeen

JuuHachi = Eighteen

JuuKyuu = Nineteen

NiJuu = Twenty

Haru = Spring

Natsu = Summer

Aki = Fall

Fuyu = Winter

Sayonara = Goodbye

Ohayo gozaimasu = Good morning

Konnichi wa = Good afternoon

Konban wa = Good everning

Oyasumi nasai = Good night

Merii kurisumasu = Happy Christmas

Akemashite omedeto gozaimasu = Happy New Year

Moshi moshi? = Hello? ("Moshi moshi?", is something they say everytime they answer the phone)

Oh dear Kami-sama = Oh dear Lord / Oh dear God

Oh Kami = Oh God

Nakama = It can mean friend, but has a much stronger meaning to it like: Super-duper-bestest-friend-in-the-whole-wide-world-where-nothing-can-ever-ever-ever-EVER-tear-us-apart...

Koibito / Amate = Lover

Anata = means 'you' but also can mean 'dear'

Koi = Love

Koishii = Dearest / Sweetheart

Ichizoku = Family or Clan, ex. The Uchiha Ichizoku (The Uchiha Clan)

Otou-sama, Otou-san, Otou-chan, Tou-sama, Tou-san, Tou-chan, Chichioya (Chichiue),'Oyaji' = Father, dad, 'Old man'

Okaa-sama, Okaa-san, Okaa-chan, Kaa-sama, Kaa-san, Kaa-chan, Hahaoya (Hahaue) = Mother, mom

Onii-sama, Onii-san, Onii-chan, Nii-sama, Nii-san, Nii-chan, Aniki, Ani, (Name, ex. Naruto)-nii = Older brother, Big brother, (Ani) brother equally, big brother (Naruto)

Onee-sama, Onee-san, Onee-chan, Nee-sama, Nee-san, Nee-chan, (Name, ex. Sakura)-nee = Older sister, Big sister, big sister (Sakura)

Otouto-sama, Otouto-san, Otouto-kun, Otouto-chan, Otouto, (Name, ex. Sasuke)-otouto = Younger brother, little brother, baby brother, little brother (Sasuke)

Imouto-sama, Imouto-san, Imouto-chan, Imouto, (Name, ex. Hanabi)-imouto = Younger sister, little sister, baby sister, little sister (Hanabi)

Ojii-sama, Ojii-san, Ojii-chan, Jii-sama, Jii-san, Jii-chan, 'Oyaji' = Grandfather, 'Old man'

Obaa-sama, Obaa-san, Obaa-chan, Baa-sama, Baa-san, Baa-chan, Sobo = Grandmother, Granny, 'Old hag'

Oji-sama, Oji-san, Oji-chan, Ji-sama, Ji-san, Ji-chan = Uncle

Itoko-sama, Itoko-san, Itoko-kun, Itoko-chan = Cousin

Ossan = Old man / Mister

Onna = Woman

Gaki = Brat

-sama = For higher status, ex. Hokage, Clan Head, ex. Tsunade-sama, Hiashi-sama

-san = For people you respect, ex. Kakashi-san, or with surname only: Hatake-san

-kun = For a boy / man you are familiar with, ex. Sasuke-kun

-chan = For a girl woman you are familiar with, also refered to cute, ex. Sakura-chan

-sensei = For a teacher, doctor, ex. Iruka-sensei, Tsunade-sensei

-taichou = For a captain, ex. Hatake-taichou (Captain Hatake)

-shishou = For boss or a teacher in a job, ex. Tsunade-shishou (By Sakura)

-senpai = For a senior in school or in a job, ex. Neji-senpai

-kouhai (Sp?) = For a junior in school or in a job, ex. Naruto-kouhai


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