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Hello guys my name is Vlad .I'm from Romania(I ever hear one of you saying romanians are gypsyes heads will fall).It's a pleasure meeting you.

Hobbies : Going to the gym , reading sometimes i write( but until i actually get a good story out of the chaos that it's supposed to be my brain and some inspiration for some nice plot from the dark abyss that claims to be my hearth i'll abstain myself from publishing or posting anything on this site except comments.), also some gaming every now and then from this crappy PC that should be in a museum, now a decent laptop.

Likes... I love dogs,wolfs,puppies,foxes ;sports like : handball ,swimming,tennis,basketball ; color black and blue(blue is my fav ;) music mostly rock(metal) or nightcore , teasing succubi( too funny to be left out... you will know about it in time),Editing works to make them readable.

Love interests ... err i know this isn't some kind of dating site but it's better to be there who knows maybe i get lucky .Anyway i'm into girls and a good gf in my opinion should be something like this

- I don't expect a Photo model but i'd like someone who is at least presentable ;

-Don't be a jealous b*tch that constantly complains about everything and when i talk to a girls she suddenly goes nuts;

- I don't mind you talking to other guys but at least don't act like a slut in front of them whether i'm watching or not. I'm open minded ;

-I think the fact that i don't want to be cheated is obvious...

-I won't accept girls that lied about cheating on her boyfriend then dumped him for me or any other guys because i know you'll do it again.

-Serious relationships only... i'm not looking for a trophy i'm looking for someone that actually loves or at least gives me a chance

-Don't be a *piţipoancă* or piţi... Piti are girls that have make-up instead of a face , girls that live of their parents and completely dress in pink or look girlsh//slutish ,girls that like everything pink and have diva crisis and mind and only have animals as an accessory not as a companion all at once.

-I'm an animal lover(Except cats ; they hate me.) and i don't like animal abusers ( no not even cats even if it would be funny)

-(Optional) Don't smoke.

-No i'm not taking idiots with the IQ lower than their age and i don't expect geniuses... I want someone that can think for herself and doesn't need to ask me how to plug in a TV.

-(Optional) can drink alcohol (and i'm not speaking about age in here).

-I'm not looking for a selfless demon that only thinks about herself but a saint wouldn't work out very well either I want someone that can feel empathy but know when to draw the line and needs to take care of herself every now and then

Dislikes: Cats( they hate me a lot more than i hate them) ,Justin Beiber, color pink, phichologists, Poisonous snakes( absolutely terrified by them),Romanian hospitals. Slightly claustrophobic ( not too much but I am extremely uncomfortable in tight spaces ) anything that has a poison that can kill me (terrified).


''If I remembered half the things I forgot, I would forget the things I already remember'' By MeowMaker11 on BoL.

"The only other sane man in this galaxy is a robot parading across the stars with a veritable zoo of Xenos species, powered by the dying screams of Daemons." BigBoom550

"Huntsmen and alcohol were a recipe for destruction , probably written by a sexually-repressed chef on hard drugs" Aleadrex

''Mr Arc I have not slept since last night' the man answered honestly as he took a sip of coffee. 'I currently have blood in my caffeine stream'' Coeur Al'Aran

Necessity is the mother of invention. Warfare is often its father.Dirtnap

:You know what, go ahead. Purge the alien, as you Mon-keigh are so fond of saying. You are already stapling rockets to a moon, how much stranger can things get? Now pay attention to the damn road and cease bothering me with these insane drabbles.: Blackhole1

“Query: But Master, how am I to ensure the termination of hostilities if I cannot terminate the hostiles?” Randy The Black Knight

Hyper-wheel of Shipping, turn, turn, turn! Show us the fandoms that we should burn! Mantech1

"I put my face in my hands, groaning and trying not too think to hard about how I accidentally became a grand chessmaster that used entire countries as pawns. Being laughed at by Mayor Christner wasn't helping."QuickDeath007

"Philosophy is describing a rock. Science is poking it with a stick. Engineering is using it as a blunt instrument."RagnarokAscendant (shamelessly stolen from his sig)

"Home is where the nuclear explosions are !"gavinjon

'If it exists, I can weaponize it. Now, can we please talk this out like civilized beings or do I need to start introducing you all to the mating rituals of the other races in the galaxy?'

'There is a time and a place for the truth...That time is never and that place only exists in rumors.'Deus_Ex_Transhuman

Well, if we could stop talking about the pros and cons of committing mass genocide in some misguided attempt of kindness, that'd be grand.Simulium Novitius

Motto:Diplomacy usually works, but in order to start it you usually need something to threaten the opposite party with...if they're guns, blackmail or sanctions is irrelevant.

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