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Hey people, how's it going? I have absolutely 0 idea 'bout what to write in here, but I feel like I should so here I am writing stuff nobody will probably ever read. Well, can't be too bad. For starters, I'll just write some basic stuff about my OC:

Name: Kyoune Hana

Nickname: lily (hana=flower and lilys are her favourite flowers)

Appearance: knee-long whitish silvery hair with blue highlights. Part of it covers her right eye but she holds it up with a few pins. She has purple/lilac coloured eyes and fair skin. She is a bit shorter than average and tends to wearing dresses and skirts together with black socks that reach her tights.

Personality: cool and reliable type of person but needs time to warm up a bit. She is shy when she meets new people and a bit clumsy, but there when she has to. She's not afraid of saying what she thinks while she often puts up a front so people can handle her better. Is also energetic and likes to see others flustered or angry. Is against violence but does everything for the people dear to her.

Flaws: tends to be overprotective or overly energetic and likes to get on peoples nerves.

Clothes: mostly dark colours such as black, Violette, blue or brown also white but never (!) Yellow, red or other bright colours since they make her look pale

Accessories: 2 cross shaped navy-blue hairpins and a silver necklace with wings.

Hobby: listening to music, singing, piano, walking in parks, watching anime, reading, sports (like gymnastics or dancing)

family: father and mother, no siblings

name: tsukiyomi shion

nickname: blue (blue hair)

appearance: hip long slightly cruled deep blue hair in a high ponytail with 2 strands framing her face, sapphire blue eyes and slightly tanned skin. eyes remind of a cats in form

personality: over energetic and positive type of person. has a sort of happy-go-lucky aditude while talking enough for 2 people. she goes crazy happy about stuff people would run for their lives for if they ever saw it. she behaves dense and like a 5 year old and hates violence and 'bad emotions'. she has never once in her life yelled at a person and is a good person to bone. hates to be alone

flaws: too good of a person and stupid which tires people out

clothes: t-shirt in every colour if the rainbow often with motives or the such, a white or black pair of shorts/hotpants and black socks that reach til her tights.

accessories: a red brancelet and a bow in her hair to hold it in place

hobby: talking, being outside, doing sports (moving in general), doing stuff with her sister

family: mother and father, one younger twin sister

name: tsukiyomi shiina

nickname: red (red hair)

appearance: hip long curly red hair that gets darker towards the tips, ruby coloured eyes and slightly tanned skin. eyes resembling a cats in form. average hight

personality: she doesn't talk except for when she's really angry. she doesn't let her emotions show since she keeps a poker face but her aura changes with every feeling she has. she loves violence and can get really scary though she doesn't talk. is also extremely intelligent and unsocial. likes everything cute and fluff and get's a really comfortable aura when she sees a baby animal for example a kitten. is a loner and pretty okay with that as she doesn't care about that

flaws: never shows emotions and is very violent

clothes: simple t-shirts and a jeans skirt or hotpants, white socks that reach her tights

accessories: a blue bracelet

hobby: reading, manga&anime, learning and everything else that can be done alone and indoors

family: mother and father, older twin sister

name: hoshina kanna

nickname: star (hoshi=star (?))

appearance: shoulder lenghts straight black hair and cat like emerals green eyes. few of her bangs cover part of her face but stop shortly above her eyes. a bit taller than average

personality: a free person that is everywhere with both her mind and body. she is a natural airhead and disappears and appears drom time to time out of nowhere. her character pretty much resembles a cat except for the fact that she has an extreme case of idiocy and is not arrogant (yes, i think cat's are arrogant animals). while not being emotional she is not cold and while not even trying she is rendered beautiful what get's on her nerves. she get's really angry really easily and always bickers with others.

flaws: to simple minded and dumb

clothes: a shirt that shows off her cleaverage quite a bit and tight jeans

accessories: silver necklace with black stone

hobby: walking unusual ways (jumping from roof to roof), singing, scaring people

family: parent's died in a car accident when she was 12 and since they were filthy rich she now lives from the money alone, no siblings but a bunch of cat's she considers as such

her. Now something about myself:

I've lost count of the animes and mangas I watched/read but I know they were a lot. My favourite genres are shoujo, romance, super power, shounen, harem and fantasy but I appreciate others as well when they are fun and almost totally unlogical since logic is for geniuses. I am also a HUGE yaoi fangirl but I don't like Yuri.

That's all ya have to know! Hope this is somewhat usefull. Bye bye and see you later!

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