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Hi My name is Nora Gaddis

I watch Criminal Minds since the fifth season. My favorite Character is Hotch, Rossi, Emily, and Reid.

Criminal Minds:

I ship- Hotch/Prentiss, JJ/Will, Garcia/Kevin, Reid/Lola, Morgan/Jordon.

I don't ship- Morgan/Prentiss, Prentiss/Reid, Reid/JJ, Rossi/Prentiss.

CSI Story:

The Vanished- In Progress.- I will repost it as soon as I finish it.

Criminal Minds Story:

1. Disappeared OF Emily Prentiss-Completed.

2. Without A Trace- In Progress.

3. Vacation In Paris- Complete.

4. The Return Of JJ and Emily- Sequel to Disappeared Of Emily Prentiss, Vacation In Paris In Progress.

The A-Team Story:

1. Missing- Complete.

2. Attack and Disappear- I'm starting all over again.

3. A Blast From The Past-Sequel to Missing-In Progress.

4. My Son, Templeton- In Progress.

5. Dark Secret-In Progress.

Laramie Story:

1. Deadly Consequence- In complete.

2. Kidnapped-In Progress

3. Rabies-In Progress

4. Mystery Disappear-In Progress

5. Obsession-In Progress

6. Stalker- Sequel to Obsession- In Progress

9. Disappear- Seguel to Obsession and Stalker-In Progress

10. Escape- Sequel to Obsession, Stalker, and Disappear-In Progress

11. Found, Safe and Love-Sequel to Obsession, Stalker, Disappear and Escape- In Progress

I will finish Criminal Minds story even though Hotch is no longer on the show, but I will put Hotch in my story.

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