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I am a fanfiction lurker since 2003 and only decided to make an account this year. I've been writing constructive criticism(It's really constructive, don't be angry!) for various stories since then.

I've always wanted to try my hand on writing fanfiction since I have so many ideas in mind but I don't have the patience for it. I'll try to do one someday.

I've been reading Naruto fanfiction since forever and I've loved SASUXSAKU pairing, even when it was just fanon at that time(2003, I know I'm old).


I also love Sakura pairings. Basically, anyone paired with Sakura, even crossover pairings.

Aside from Naruto, I also read Fairytail fanfiction. I love LucyxAnyMaleCharacter pairing. I only read other pairings if it's really funny.

I also love reading Harry Potter fanfiction particularly Dramione and everyone(except Ron)xhermione pairings.

You now know who my favorite girls in fanfiction. I also love to read reverse harem fics that have one of my 3 main girls as the lead.

Character I Hate In All Fandoms I Follow: RON WEASLEY. I'll only read the fic if he is just the supporting character, the annoying character who usually get killed or turned into a magical chair(I've read something like that, I forgot the title).


Pet Peeves:

1. When authors ask reader to review, then get angry when you give them constructive criticisms.

Reallly, if you want to improve on your writing, listen to what your readers have to say. You might get some insights or ideas that you can add to your story. Don't be rude to them, especially if they wrote it in a nice way.

2. Mary Sues

Nobody's that perfect. In fanfiction world, Mary Sues are the personification of annoying. I'll be honest I do try to read some stories which have interesting summaries. The first half of chapter 1 was good then by the first half of chapter 2, Main Girl discovered she's the Prophesied Celestial Empress Immortal Demon Slayer Ninja Princess of the Stars and the Lost Goddess Heiress of Ancient Magic. She had all of the hot and powerful guys part of her harem. She's can do complex jutsus and magic in one go. She's so skilled that Zeref, Madara and Lord Voldemort combined had nothing on her. The story was a waste because the plot do have potential if only, the author didn't make the main character as some sort of Super Saiyan.

Okay, I'm ranting. I'll stop now. Maybe it's the stress.

I'm a bookworm and I have no life outside the internet. Do you wanna be my friend?

I'm currently in a relationship with food because there's no such thing as forever.

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