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Hi, my name is Merlia Winston, but you can call me Merlia, Lia, M, or something like that.

Uh, well, I'm a bit shy, tend to come off as intense, but am about as immature as one can get. I hate small talk, and would rather discuss interesting topics like books or just listen to others talk. No cut that, can't do small talk, I just can't! There is something wrong with me!!!!!!!! I love books, reading, writing, drawing and pretty much anything creativ, even if I am terrible at all of them.

Check out my illustrations for fanfict on DA (user name: Merlia-yg) and Polyvore (Merlia-yg), wait those are the same usernames! I just realized that! Weird. Oh and check out Pinterest too! I don't know what my user name is though...oh and my Tumblr page!

FanFict stuff!

So far, I have only ventured into the world of RotG, but with some of the magic from my stories, I may be able to connect universes, which is what all fangirls do right? Even if it only happens in our head. Any who, checkout my latest story ideas below

When the Lights GoOut: my ongoing story following a group of teens and their family as they discover that growing up doesn't mean the world is out of reach and rediscover their childhoods, good and bad, as they really were. The year is 2020, WW III is going on and everyone is starting to lose belief in the Guardians. Only a misfit misunderstood group of kids and teens can help. But will their fears tear their friendship apart at the cost of saving the world and the childhood hero's they are not ready to let go of?

WtLGO: book one: We're Still Here: the beginning of the WtLGO stories! I'm so hexcited! Uh, um I mean, well you know. Anyways, the adventure begins with some friends who don't want have to stop believing in the Guardians just because they are teens now. They know they don't have to because their older sister (via relationship not blood related) still joins them to discuss things like that. But when Pitch attacks the Guardians, their world is turned upside down. Stories, songs, laughter and lies pull them this way and that, their sister may have some dark secrets that she never told them, can their belief hold uup? Or will loss bring on the rule of darkness?

WtLGO: book two: Where Did the Time Go?: disaster! I would tell what, but I can't because that is the end of bok one and it's not down yet! So muhawawawawa! That was weird. Uphm. After said disaster, Lia is left broken and unsure of the world she created. She must face the wrath of the past present and future to become the person the darkness knew she was inside. Can she? Without the Gu- others she feels useless and without a friend in the world. She is so wrong, there are other spirits who know she can succeed if she tries hard enough and her family will always be there for her, she just needs to open her eyes to find the maturity iinside.

WtLGO: book three: You Chose Me: Lia finds her center! Not going to tell you what it is, but its a big one! *does a little crazy dance* If I ever make it this far! Anyways Lia finds her center and her destiny starts to make itself clear. She and her friends must be strong again because the one thing they need is gone "I believe"

WtLGO: Shards: one-shots on WtLGO before and after the books

There May be more or less of their adventures together, but for now, that is the ruft draft plan.

The Watchers: I got this idea one day when I was having deep, deep thoughts in my grotto on whether God was the preordained type who let things just go as they were (Einstein) or if he watched everything in the world and helped move things along at the moment they happen (Einstein's oposure whom I can never remember his name) in my grotto. This could have a different title and could almost be a publishable story on its own, but for now, here is the idea: what if there were two realms who watched everything in the universe! One recorded exactly what happened while the other liked to change things and make fantasy and what not. Neither could ever come to a conclusion as to who was right in their method of recording history, so they didn't come to a conclusion. That is until a young girl and her older brother upset the balance of past present and future and embark on a journey through millions upon millions of universes that were thought only to be in our imagination. A multi-universe story, so may be broken up into several one-shots to make it legal on Fanfict or whatever.

You Were There: an adaptation from Raylou's one-shot called The Beginning where Pitch killed Jack oh how evil...more on that when I get going

The Guardian of Fear: "I'm sorry to laugh" I say when I compose myself. "But whoever said Pitch was the Guardian of Fear? I've never seen it written on paper, was he ever chosen by Mani? Does he even represent fear? The answer is NO. For starters, he is just an enemy of the Guardians, and he just happens to bring nightmares. Also, uh, doesn't your center come from who you really are? I don't think Pitch really is Pitch, he's just a creation of the nightmares. So he still evil, he just obviously isn't the Guardian of Fear."

What is Reality?: "Once upon a time, I had the 'and they all lived happily ever after' life: good grades, friends, a summer job, etc, but then, I became aware of something called 'my imagination'. That's when my life started going done hill. I'm not saying that I didn't have an imagination before, it just was like my imagination took a life of it's own and started poisoning my mind. Every day was a battle for my mind, and I couldn't tell anyone because it was 'natural for teenagers to feel like they are the only ones who suffer' and 'go through emotional changes' and blah blah blah! Eventually I took things into my own hands, I took my own life just to prove that everything in my imagination was not real. That's what I thought before I woke up."


Until summer comes (which for me is one week away) I will not be writing! Also, my current story WtLGO is going to be down for a while so I can rewrite it! That may be my summer project but I will continue to post one-shots, art and other updates on my one-shot story, DA and Tumblr. Have a good day and see you when I get back!

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