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~Me: English Version~

Hi! I'm bad at writing stuff about myself, so this will be quite short: I like reading, writing, and I am a very creative person! My biggest difficulty, since I'm french, is that I sometimes have trouble with my grammar. I like to learn about the errors I made, so don't be shy and tell me if you saw some mistakes I made :)

~Moi: Version Française~

Bonjour! C'est rare que j'écris des choses sur moi, alors je vais essayer d'être court: j'aime lire, écrire, et j'ai une grande imagination! Je suis français, mais j'aime aussi écrire en anglais parfois. Je tente chaque jour de m’améliorer et, je ne suis pas parfait, alors il m'arrive de faire des erreurs (beaucoup), alors n'hésitez pas à me les faire remarquer si vous en voyez :)

Ce que j'aime/What I like

Livre Préféré/Favorite Book: Rebecca, de/by Daphné du Maurier Chanson Préférée/Favorite Song: Glades - Drive Film Préféré/Favorite Movie: NEEEEEEMOOOO

~Mes personnages/My characters~

#1: Dark Souls RP

Name: Vespin, the feeble Child

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Appearance: A dirty, ragged teenager, with long black hair that barely reaches his shoulders. His face is spotted with scars, and he bears a mark on his forehead which shows a dagger held by the claws of a crow. His eyes are of a pale blue tint, like he has no more tears to pour on his abominable life. His elongated eyebrows overlook his somber eyelid, and the blood smearing his cheeks flows slowly down his wan visage. His feet and hands are bare, and his skin is as marked as his head. He looks slim, quite agile, and his long fingers are made to hold daggers and staves.

Armour/Clothes: He simply wears a old black robe with a hood of the same color, torn and ragged. His feet and hands are bare, and his skin is as marked as his head. He also has a brown bag, that ressembles a quiver, on his back to carry items and his staff. On his hood, you can barely see some golden designs that are slowly being tarnished by all the dirt and the blood.

Personality: Vespin is a tortured person, destroyed by his horrible past, and his baneful future. He has nothing more to lose, other than his life, and his soul, but he is ready to take the risk. He has a strange sense of justice, as he sees assassins as beings of peace, heroes that are ready to do the dirty work for others. He, in some way, recognizes himself in that, and idolizes killers. He is silent, and prefers to speak to himself when he is alone. He doesn't interact well with others, judges people quickly, and sees his first impressions as his instinct warning him. He can become quite violent and pessimistic, but if you find him a relaxing spot to rest, you can be sure he'll stay peaceful.


Speed: He is fast and agile, so he can move quickly and run a good distance before being exhausted. Dexterity: He is talented with daggers and can wield them easily. Stabbing people is his favorite activity, after all. He can throw them, fight with them, and likes to carry one everywhere he goes. Magic Abilities: He has a good base when it comes to magic, and can use basic spells without any problems. He is not a fast caster, but he is intelligent enough to know when to use his magic effectively.

Weaknesses and Fears: He fears to be hopeful, because he doesn't want to lose anything or anyone anymore after getting attached to them too much. His weaknesses are that he is extremely weak in close combat and he isn't very resistant. He also fears to be nothing more than his parent's killer, and to fade into the darkness with everything else, even though he knows this is likely what will happen.

Spells : The traditional Soul Arrow, the Cast Light spell, the Hush spell and, finally, his custom creation: Advice of the Dead (This spell doesn't do much damage, but it gives Vespin the ability to see weaknesses and throw a Soulmass at the weak spot. This is useful when he doesn't know which part of his enemy to hit to hurt him.)

Weapons: A simple dagger, who was handed to Vespin at his birth, and was used to cut the throats of those he cherished. He also wields a simple wooden staff, which he stole to a wandering sage, before he murdered him.

Bio: Vespin doesn't remember much of his past, but, when he focuses on what happened to him, he can see his mother and his father, bleeding to death because of his growing appetite to murder. He was born a killer, raised a killed, and became a killer in the end. He blames his blade and his mind for consuming his family in such a way, and wishes everything to end. If only he could be more than just a tool for Death...

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