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Hello, I am Ethan Illinois Jones but if you want you can either call me Capri or Ethan.
I am sorry for the hiatus in writing, I have been having low motivation to writing, but
I promise that I won't abandon any of the stories I write. That and my home life is
getting more and more tense with my birth mother and little sister moving in with

Right now I am in a Creative Writing class and as the semester comes to a close, I have
to submit a final fiction or poetry piece and a cover letter. I am having the opportunity to
have the final fiction/poetry being sent for publication which I am really hoping for. This
has been my dream since I was in grade school. To write fictional stories and weave these
fictional worlds and characters. The only problem is is that I have no idea what to write.
Imagine that '.

So, here's a little about myself.

I am a 22-year-old female going to college for an Associates in Fine Arts. I live with my
grandparents who have been raising me since I was seven months old after my birth
mother proved that she couldn't be trusted to care for a baby and my birth father was
taken to jail. I will admitt that I don't have the best relationship with my birth mother,
I've always had a grudge against her that I can't seem to get past from, or to get over.

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